J-Min – If You Want

December 7, 2012 at 5:46 PM | Posted in J-Min | 1 Comment

J-Min – If You Want

1. If You Want
2. Cry Baby

If You Want is the second Japanese single by South-Korean singer J-Min, released on November 21, 2012. It was her debut under NAYUTAWAVE RECORDS and her first Japanese single in three years. The single didn’t chart on the Oricon Charts.

I have to admit this is my very first J-Min release, I’ve never listened to her music and I didn’t even know she exists. But DAMN this girl can sing! If You Want is an amazing pop song with a good acoustic guitar sound and a carefree attitude. J-Min’s vocals are light and perfect for pop and R&B tracks, it wouldn’t surprise me if she has one of the most developed vocals in the business. I enjoyed this song very much and I just can’t see why it didn’t chart.

J-Min decided to keep it uptempo with Cry Baby. In fact, it’s even more agressive in some ways than the A-side with electric guitars, more percussion and a slightly faster tempo. I just had to listen to this track twice in a row since it’s so catchy, and okay it was simply too short at only 3 and a half minutes. It’s quite a regular pop/rock song but there’s something about it that just makes it catchy as hell. Yep, very recommended for ‘just’ a B-side.

Why is is that, everytime when a song doesn’t chart on Oricon or it has bad reviews and such, it turns out that I LOVE the release?? Look at Christina’s ‘Lotus’, and now we have J-Min’s If You Want. This single was highly recommended by the owner of Harajuku Beats, so I decided to download it, and wow they were right. I didn’t expect to love this single so much, both tracks were very catchy and J-Min has terrific vocals. So I’m gonna join whatever team Harajuku Beats is on and scream along: “IMMENSELY RECOMMENDED OMGGGGG” (unquote).

5 stars


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  1. 1st song i heard of her was “Stand Up” which was used as a theme song for k-drama “To The Beautfiul You”, i was quite impressed by her vocals. great review ^.^ am gonna listen to this single

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