alan – Lan Se ~Love Moon Light~

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alan – Lan Se ~Love Moon Light~

1. Wo De Yue Guang
2. Xuan Ying ~Sharp Light~
3. Yue ME Jiu Hao
4. Luo Dan De Chibang
5. Nobody knows but me
6. my life
7. Xuan Ying ~Sharp Light~ (piano only version)

♦ ♦ ♦

Lan Se ~Love Moon Light~ is the first Chinese mini-album and third Chinese album overall by Tibetan singer alan, released on April 27, 2010. The song Xuan Ying ~Sharp Light~was used as the theme song for the drama Zĕn Má Huì Ài Shàng Nǐ and the commercial song for SHARP cellphones.

Wo De Yue Guang had quite an impressive opening before alan sings in a very low register for the first time, but it stays only in the first parts of the verses since she’s taking high vocals to a new level in this beautiful ballad. It’s not as epic as some of her first ballads, but her higher register has something very magical everytime. It consist of only a piano, strings, percussion and the notes of a latin sounding acoustic guitar, and alan’s voice takes it to this amazing power ballad level. Amazing first track.

Xuan Ying ~Sharp Light~ starts of like an orchestral song with alan singing some extremely high notes (without using her wailing), then eventually the song develops into something stronger with a band accompanying alan. I like the full sound of the percussion working together with the piano and strings, they kind of explode when the first chorus comes along. It wakes up the song. I find this song very enjoyable, it’s probably one of alan’s best songs ever if you ask me.

Funny how she made a Part II solo version for ‘Jia You! Ni You ME! feat. Wei Chen’, although it’s a little more like an answer song. Yue ME Jiu Hao is even more poppy, cute and uptempo than the original version with Wei Chen, which I always enjoyed very much. alan can pull off any genre, so cute pop musn’t be hard for her either. This song makes me very happy, it’s so carefree.

The last new song on the mini-album is Luo Dan De Chibang, which is quite the 180 from the previous song with a more acoustic and mature feel to both the music and alan’s vocals. This is the song that stayed with me the most of the new tracks because of its distinct edgy pop/rock sound, it’s totally not what I’m used to hear from this girl. Yet she stands her ground between the electric guitars and hard percussion. Another favorite of mine.

I never thought Nobody knows but me was a very good song. It has an epic feel to it, but that’s where my enthousiasm stops. I can’t stand alan’s Engrish in the chorus, when she speaks her monologue, and there’s just no tension in the song. It’s pretty boring in my opinion.

On the other hand, my life was probably one of the best tracks of the Japanese album with the same name. I thought the album wasn’t half bad (contrary to popular belief), and the title track had the tension that was definitely missing in Nobody knows but me. The arrangement is beautiful and soft, with a piano melody, soothing strings and later on a little bit more spice with some percussion. It develops into a kind of power ballad, and I’ll probably never stop loving it.

Xuan Ying ~Sharp Light~ (piano only version) is actually just an instrumental version of the original with only a piano in the instrumentation, but I thought it was worth mentioning the track here because it’s very soothing and pretty. Usually I don’t review instrumentals, but this one is definitely worth a listen if you like piano music.

alan returned to China with a bang, this mini-album actually has some very good songs on it. The new tracks were a very good example of that, and although not all of them are instant favorites, they do have an outstanding quality for a Chinese mini-album release. Ofourse alan had to bring back older Japanese songs to be featured on this album in Chinese, and although my life was a good (and obvious) choice, I definitely feel she should ditch Nobody knows but me. Nonetheless, it’s a stronger album than I initially thought.

Favorite tracks: Xuan Ying ~Sharp Light~ | Yue ME Jiu Hao | Luo Dan De Chibang | my life

4 stars


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