Kalafina – progressive

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Kalafina – progressive

1. progressive
2. Utsukishisa
3. progressive ~instrumental~

progressive is the sixth single by Japanese group Kalafina, released on October 28, 2009. The song was first performed at Kalafina LIVE 2009 “storia” held on August 26, 2009.

progressive had the most interesting opening, and with it comes a most unusal sound for a Kalafina song. The violin that plays some parts throughout the song has the most creepy and yet inviting sound ever, adding a typical Kalafina vibe to a song that has more dance vibes to it that other Kalafina songs. Every girl gets her own part this time, even KEIKO takes on the second verse and she sounds pretty haunting with her deep vocals. HIKARU finally knows how to control her nasal vocals in the chorus. The violin just does it for me, it gives me shivers all over.

Jingle bells open Utsukushisa, the ballad that serves as the B-side on this single. It’s the most depressing and mysterious Kalafina song I’ve ever heard, especially right after progressive. The arrangement exists of mostly a lone piano, in the first parts of the song that is, and later some soft percussion and a cello join in. Later in the song, an electric guitar comes in to play its own haunting chords. Although this song may be the complete opposite of the A-side, it has its charm.

How come the A-sides always give me goosebumps all over but the B-sides do a little less to me? Ofcourse it’s a close call most of the time, but still I prefer most of Kalafina’s A-sids over their B-sides while both of the tracks are always good in their own way. progressive could easily be my favorite song of this era, while Utsukushisa is probably their most original songup until then. It showed a more melancholic side of their music, and it had its moments. I’m very proud of the group nonetheless.


4½ stars


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