Kalafina – Lacrimosa

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Kalafina – Lacrimosa

1. Lacrimosa
3. Lacrimosa ~instrumental~

Lacrimosa is the fourth single by Japanese group Kalafina, released on March 4, 2009. The title track was used as the second ending theme for the anime Kuroshitsuji.

Kalafina showed off their extremely talented vocals again with Lacrimosa, a dramatic rock song with some folkish influences. It’s always KEIKO and WAKANA together that makes me shiver the most, their harmonizations are the best. HIKARU just does some of the operatic harmonizations in the song, but I start to like her voice a little more as well. The extremely beautiful arrangement with exploding percussion, strings and a violin is both haunting and enchanting at the same time, perfect song.

Most of the time HIKARU sounds a bit nasal, but while opening Gloria, accompanied by a solid piano melody, she does a pretty amazing job indeed. This B-side is a bit more on the simple side than the A-side, but still the vocals tend to emphasize a (melo)dramatic element that I love in Kalafina’s music. There’s not really a highlight in this simple ballad, but it’s nice for a chance, especially since Lacrimosa was such a bombastic track.

While Lacrimosa isn’t Kalafina’s best single, they still never fail me. It’s amazing how a Japanese group can release such epic songs with rock and folkish elements, it’s like match made in heaven. Speaking of which, WAKANA and KEIKO proved to be the unstoppable two in the group, their harmonizations always draw me in completely. After Lacrimosa, it was good to hear HIKARU a little more, with better vocals than before as well. Gloria might lack a little, but let’s face it, not every Kalafina song has to be all epic on strings and violins and such.


4½ stars


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