Son Dam Bi – Mini Album Vol.1

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Son Dam Bi – Mini Album Vol.1

1. Intro
2. Bad Boy
3. Bandaemar
4. Ipda Jillin Ot
5. Geumanhaja
6. Bad Boy (Ballad Version)
7. Bad Boy (Instrumental)

♦ ♦ ♦

Mini Album Vol.1 is the debut mini-album by South-Korean singer Son Dam Bi, released on April 29, 2008.

Intro is a very heavy and blazing introduction to the album, it’s a very club ready tune that could’ve been a really good full song. But well, we’re not getting more than this. It’s mostly an instrumental piece with a lot of agressive synths and beats, and eventually some raps by Son Dam Bi. I want more!

The introduction flows well into the first full track, Bad Boy, which also features a pretty synth-heavy sound and some dance beats. Son Dam Bi proves she has some very solid vocals here, although sometimes heavy vocoded, but when she displays her natural vocals she sounds great! The track is very catchy, especially the chorus, it tends to get stuck in your head all day long easily. Bi also has a little rap section in this song, and I must say she sounds like an After School member, probably Bekah, haha.

It surprised me that Bandaemar is such a lovely and emotional ballad. Bi’s first album I reviewed was the new Nunmuri Jureureuk, and it featured another beautiful power ballad like this that I absolutely loved. It’s heavy on the emotional piano melodies and strings, with a little soft percussion in the background, very dramatic, but it moves me deeply. I consider this track as the balance point of the album too since it’s the only (official) ballad and exactly in the middle of the album too, so it was well placed!

Ipda Jillin Ot is immediately very different and one word pops into mind when I listen to it: ‘poppin’! It’s more on the R&B side and Son Dam Bi can pull this off amazingly as well too. It has some cute little strings plucking and electric guitar riffs in the background that make the arrangement very memorable. I don’t know who that random male rapper is, and I’m still a bit on the fence with his addition to the song, but oh well, I guess it’s alright since it was very short.

Geumanhaja brings back the dance/pop sound of the album, but in a more relaxed and laid back manner when compared to Bad Boy or Intro. The vocals are a lot softer, and when layered they sound pretty angelic too, so there’s definitely something different about this track. It flows a little too well though, without it having a spot for a certain highlight in the song. So it’s good, but not the best.

It’s such a pity that Bad Boy (Ballad Version) is so short, it has so much potential to be a great ballad version of the original club banger. It only lasts for one and a half minute, and it was a heavenly one and a half minute indeed, lovely! Why do you do this to me, Son Dam Bi…

Son Dam Bi had a pretty solid debut album on her hands with this one, introducing the Asian music world to her amazing dance/pop sound already from the very first intro track. The songs that follow immediately show her versatility with both continuations of the sound that the introduction offered and some other genres too, like the ballad that Bandaemar was or Ipda Jillin Ot with a more R&B/pop sound. I never expected Son Dam Bi to be this good from the very start, but then again I never gave her much attention, which is one of my big mistakes.

Favorite tracks: Bad Boy | Bandaemar | Ipda Jillin Ot | Geumanhaja | Bad Boy (Ballad Version)


4½ stars

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