Son Dam Bi – Nunmuri Jureureuk

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Son Dam Bi – Nunmuri Jureureuk

1. Return
2. Nunmuri Jureureuk
3. Geulaess Nabwayo
4. Emergency Call
5. Saranghago Sipeosseo
6. Nunmuri Jureureuk (G. Remix Version)

♦ ♦ ♦

Nunmuri Jureureuk (Dripping Tears) is the fourth mini-album by South-Korean singer Son Dam Bi, released on November 12, 2012.

Return serves as the introduction to the album, it’s short and fast and has an incredible dance beat. Bi sings about how ‘It’s been a long time‘, which is true since it’s been two years since her last mini album.

The title track Nunmuri Jureureuk follows, and it opens with quite a catchy and light piano melody, which keeps playing throughout the song. It’s well placed after Return because it features the same kind of pop/dance sound that Bi is known for. I love how uptempo this song is, it’s really her style and it’s such a good comeback track. I love it.

Geulaess Nabwayo is another great example of how perfect the combination of dance beats and light piano melodies can be. I immediately understand why some people prefer to Bi as Pledis’ original Queen, her voice proves to be beautiful and well-trained. She definitely sounds like she had some fun singing this song, especially when she bursts out that unexpected little high yell. It sounds a little bit like Nunmuri Jureureuk, but I’ll forgive her.

Emergency Call on the other hand proves to have a very original sound of its own. No piano, but the beats are there, heavier and deeper. The music borrows from soft techno in some ways, and Son Dam Bi’s vocals blend in well with a huskier and deeper sound. I love her lower pitched vocals, they’re so edgy. Speaking of edgy, it’s the song with the most punch to it on the entire album.

The long-awaited ballad on this album that’s filled with uptempo club bangers is finally here. Saranghago Sipeosseo comes at the right time, with the right amount of pretty. It’s moving with its lovely and emotional strings and piano. Son Dam Bi’s vocals are very soft and deep in the verses, but she tends to sing with a lighter sound and more volume in the chorus. It’s the longest song on the album, and it’s a good thing since this beautiful creation shouldn’t have been shorter.

A remix to close the album is always nice, it’s different than the usual instrumental. Nunmuri Jureureuk (G. Remix Version) focuses on heavier beats and even some additional synths, which both fit the song very well. The original is still in there, they just created a slightly different arrangement for it and I have to admit it turned out great. Better than I initially expected, I mean.

I’m gonna keep this short since it’s pretty obvious that I really like the album. Son Dam Bi created the perfect comeback album with Nunmuri Jureureuk and I definitely think she’s gonna still the fans’ hunger for her music. Was it worth the wait? OH YES.

Favorite tracks: Nunmuri Jureureuk | Geulaess Nabwayo | Emergency Call | Saranghago Sipeosseo | Nunmuri Jureureuk (G. Remix Version)


5 stars



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  1. Cool review! I’m so happy Dambi is finally back. Her music is so catchy and never disappoints, and “눈물이 주르륵” is an excellent comeback. Oh, and one thing – I coulnd’t help but notice that your romanization of “그랬나봐요” seemed a little off. Maybe “Geuraetnabwayo” would be closer to the actual pronunciation? Anyway, once again, good job with the review!

    • Thanks!
      And oh yes, the romanization. The thing is that there wasn’t any romanization of the tracklist at the time I made the review. I had to translate it another way myself. So that’s why.

      • No worries~ I often complain about how difficult it is to accurately romanize Korean so I feel your pain haha.

      • It’s okay, thanks anyway for your comment! ^^ And yes it’s very difficult, I’m glad some websites already provide the romanizations so I won’t have to translate the track titles myself most of the time haha

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