Christina Aguilera – Lotus

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Christina Aguilera – Lotus

1. Lotus Intro
2. Army Of Me
3. Red Hot Kinda Love
4. Make The World Move (feat. CeeLo Green)
5. Your Body
6. Let There Be Love
7. Sing For Me
8. Blank Page
9. Cease Fire
10. Around The World
11. Circles
12. Best Of Me
13. Just A Fool (feat. Blake Shelton)
14. Light Up The Sky
15. Empty Words
16. Shut Up

♦ ♦ ♦

Lotus is the seventh studio album by American recording artist Christina Aguilera, released on November 13, 2012.

For a track called Lotus Intro, the opening track is a pretty solid full-length track that perfectly reflects the feeling of the entire album. The opening sequence is very angelic with soft chanting background vocals, while the rest of the song features a good deep drum beat and some lovely strings. I like Christina’s singing here, it’s very simple yet beautiful. ‘Unsung, bird, rebirth, unbirthed, creature // submerge from hurt pain broken pieces // Emergency heartbeat increases // rise up lotus rise this is the beginning’

Army Of Me jumps right onto that theme of empowerment, which is a big concept on the album. After a peaceful introduction track, this one is more uptempo and follows a nice dance/pop tune with a lot of beats and synths. It’s like Fighter Part II, Christina sings about how the person that broke her heart will have to face an army of her for every piece. The melody in the chorus is very catchy, it makes the song easy to remember and with that a great hit song. Good idea for a single, Chris?

Ah, the part of the album with my favorite musical genre written all over, starting with Red Hot Kinda Love. This is such a happy and uplifting track, I love Christina’s vocals when she chants ‘Can you coo-oo-ool me down‘, it’s another catchy little phrase on the album. As for the music, I really love pop music that draws inspiration from R&B and hiphop when it comes to the drums, and this song features that great organic drum sound together with some synths. It’s actually almost a summer vibe, amazing.

This album features two amazing collaborations with two of Christina’s The Voice colleagues, and the first collab is Make The World Move (feat. CeeLo Green). CeeLo fits right into the groovy sound of the track, and although they vocally don’t mix perfectly they both do a good job. I can actually describe the feel of this amazingly funky track in one word to keep it short: Christina went all ‘BONKERS’ over this one, and I mean that in a good way!

Your Body, need I say more. Everyone who knows Christina must be familiar with this song by now, and in my case that’s definitely in a good way. Christina took the theme of ‘Dirrty’ to a new level by coming off as a self-proclaimed freak, but she’s a damn talented freak for sure. Her vocals in this song are amazing, especially in the chorus where she belts out ‘All I wanna do is love your body // Tonight’s your lucky night, I know you want it‘. It mixes the organic drum sounds (which I’m a complete sucker for) with some good poppy synths for the perfect combination.

Let There Be Love is a perfect follow-up track to Your Body, even if they sound completely different from each other. Where Your Body emphasizes the groove of the music, this track is pretty massive and heavy on the club feeling. I’m not surprised if this becomes some kind of a club banger tbh. I never thought Christina would take on trance music, but she did, and I think she should do it more often.

Moving into the first ballad of the album, Sing For Me is an emotional ballad with some lyrics anyone can relate to. ‘When I open my mouth my whole heart comes out // Every tear I wanna cry is satisfied‘. Being the first ballad after 6 uptempo tracks this has to be a good one, and Christina definitely showed what’s in her heart in this power ballad. I couldn’t think of a better ballad than this one, I don’t even think Beautiful comes close to this one. This is a winner, for sure.

Everyone is going crazy over Blank Page ever since the full track leaked, and I understand why. This next ballad is simpler, with just a piano accompanying Christina’s powerful and yet sometimes soft vocals. This is the big track in which she confesses some of her regrets, and to be quite honest this ballad is so emotional when it comes to the lyrics that I almost have to cry haha. Whenever it comes to a battle between the two ballads, I’m not taking a side since they’re both stunning.

If Army Of Me had an army themed title, Cease Fire has a big army themed arrangement. Rumbling bass and a militant drum beat give this track a powerful and moody feel but it really works. Christina’s vocals are full of attitude, and together with that big arrangement it makes this track probably the most powerful on the entire album and probably one of my favorite Christina songs.

Around The World brings you back to the ambience of Your Body, but just take that song and add an even heavier drum arrangement and you get this track. Some people claim this track is an ‘attempt at a party anthem’, but what’s with the ‘attempt’ part? In my honest opinion, it’s one of the better results among attempts at party anthems. It has lots of attitude, great vocals and my gosh that drum beat ❤

One of my instant favorites must be Circles. It’s kind of a quircky track (the quirckiest has yet to come though), with Christina half-rapping her lyrics in the verses which she does amazingly well. The drum beat is pretty heavy again in this song, I love that style for Christina, but this time she doesn’t make it either poppy or dance themed. Circles is more of the edgy and fun pop/rock type of songs that singers like P!nk do. Oh yeah, and she bursts out a big ‘motherf*cker’ at the end, haha.

Not many ballads on this album, so the third and last one is a nod to Beautiful: Best Of Me. It’s a pretty track, fair enough, but I like this ballad least of the three present on this album if I have to choose. It takes 2:30 minutes to get to the best part, the bridge, which has a breathtaking melody and amazing vocal acrobatics when Christina belts ‘Heartbroken an beaten // Knocked down and mistreated // I will rise undefeated // I will not let you bring me down‘. That’s the part that gives me so many goosebumps..!

Just A Fool (feat. Blake Shelton) is the last track on the original tracklist, and although I never heard of Blake Shelton before he joined The Voice, I was amazed with his voice and how well it mixes with Christina’s. It’s almost like a country-pop song, very melancholy and heavy on strings and guitars. Everything about this song is right: the power, the vocals, the music. Everyone can enjoy this ‘coaches collab’, it’s definitely worth a couple of listens!

Moving into the bonus tracks, starting with Light Up The Sky. It opens softly with Christina’s vocals and a disonant piano, but quickly the big exploding percussion comes in together with some extremely moving male background chanting. I think you can categorize this track as a ballad (a power ballad to be exact), and I think it will become a very underrated one. I know because I didn’t think it was special when I first heard it, but now I’ve heard it a couple of times I have come to love it!

Empty Words kinda follows the same feel, but then this is a midtempo take on that sound. There are tracks that are more special than this one, ofcourse there are, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing about this song that appeals to me. In fact, I think it’s very appealing when it comes to both the melodies and the vocals. It’s Christina’s last emotional track on the album and with this song she closed that section with a bang.

Closing the entire album, we have Shut Up. This is the funny, crazy, quircky track I was telling you about, it instantly reminded me of Bobblehead on the bonus edition of the Bionic album, and I really liked that track too. Another reason why I love this track, is that it sums up my taste in music very quickly. It emphasizes everything I like best in music, from big deep drum beats with a lot of attitude to additional vocal effects and background vocals chanting along to the song. And ofcourse you have the funny lyrics ‘Shut up, shut the *beep* up ‘ and ‘If you don’t like this then suck my *aaaahh*‘, hahaha. Amazing way to close the album.

I was so afraid that my ‘Road of Lotus’ post series would become the laughing stock of the internet in the worst case scenario. I really hoped I would like this album very much or else I would’ve made a complete fool of myself. THANK GOD that this album has the great potential of becoming ALBUM OF THE YEAR. 2012, you’re done, I can crown my freaking Queen of Awesomeness. I know Christina has a new sound and image with each album, but I never thought she would actually incorporate my entire personal style into the concept of Lotus! It’s among the best albums I have heard in my entire life, but since this is about personal taste, I will let you guys judge for yourselves ofcourse. But I can easily predict what my ‘Best of 2012: Albums’ post will look like =)

Favorite tracks: Lotus Intro | Red Hot Kinda Love | Make The World Move (feat. CeeLo Green) | Your Body | Sing For Me | Cease Fire | Circles | Just A Fool (feat. Blake Shelton) | Shut Up


5 stars

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