Gain – Talk about S.

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Ga-In – Talk about S.

1. Tinker Bell
2. Geunyeoreulmanna
3. Pieona
4. Siseon (feat. Yoon Jong Shin)
5. Catch me if you can

♦ ♦ ♦

Talk about S. is the second solo mini-album by South-Korean singer and Brown Eyed Girls member Gain, released on October 5, 2012.

Tinker Bell is an interesting track, both as an individual as the opening track. At first it sounds like it’s neither a calm song nor a very energetic song but then it builds into this very interesting song with some hard rock elements which totally caught me off guard. There’s definitely a build-up in the music and there are more and more background sounds added as the song develops. I just had to get used to Gain’s vocals, which were a little too ‘wtf’ at times but the song definitely grew on me over time.

Gain moves into a groovier sound for Geunyeoreulmanna, a song that’s like a complete 180 of Tinker Bell with its playful and deep piano accents throughout the entire song. It makes it quite funky if you ask me. Ga-In’s vocals are more appealing this time around, she expresses more of her personality through her voice and she doesn’t sing high pitched all the time, like she did in the previous song. It’s not a very special track but on the other hand it’s not something I expected from her.

Pieona is a song that impressed me from the moment those funky little guitar riffs dropped in. This track is an amazing blend of dance/pop and funkier elements, which I think really suits Gain and her vocals. Although the guitars are the best thing the arrangement has to offer, it’s not all: a nice sharp piano melody, synths, bass and drums accompany the guitar to make this track one big happy sounding creation. It’s the best until now.

Siseon (feat. Yoon Jong Shin) is the track that fits Gain’s soft and sultry vocals best of all with its slow and sensual R&B beat, made from a piano melody and deep bass drums. Gain shines the most in this track, Yoon Jong definitely adds a little extra to the song but if you ask me he does it in a rather boring way. So although his presence isn’t superfluous, a solo version wouldn’t be bad either for Gain. Nice track with a lot of depth though.

At first the beat and tempo of Catch me if you can reminded me of Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, but to get the distinct sound for this track you just add a lot of synths, brass instruments and background cheering to get that extra happy feeling this song is known for. To be quite honest, I love it for that fact. It’s so playful and all pumped up I can’t help but feeling all happy when I listen to this track. Do I feel a recommendation for this one coming up?

So Gain’s mini-album wasn’t at all what I expected after all the anticipation and the fan stalking it got, and that’s a little bitin the negative direction. I expected a little bit more dance/pop and songs that were sassier and more uptempo than some of the songs on the album. But that doesn’t mean I think this is a bad album, not at all! Because Gain’s album wasn’t what I expected it to be, she delivered some new things that totaly suprised me in a good way. So I’m still not sure where I stand with this album. I mean, it’s good, but not perfect, right?

Favorite tracks: Tinker Bell | Pieona | Catch me if you can


4 stars

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