Gain – Talk about S.

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Ga-In – Talk about S.

1. Tinker Bell
2. Geunyeoreulmanna
3. Pieona
4. Siseon (feat. Yoon Jong Shin)
5. Catch me if you can

♦ ♦ ♦

Talk about S. is the second solo mini-album by South-Korean singer and Brown Eyed Girls member Gain, released on October 5, 2012.

Tinker Bell is an interesting track, both as an individual as the opening track. At first it sounds like it’s neither a calm song nor a very energetic song but then it builds into this very interesting song with some hard rock elements which totally caught me off guard. There’s definitely a build-up in the music and there are more and more background sounds added as the song develops. I just had to get used to Gain’s vocals, which were a little too ‘wtf’ at times but the song definitely grew on me over time.

Gain moves into a groovier sound for Geunyeoreulmanna, a song that’s like a complete 180 of Tinker Bell with its playful and deep piano accents throughout the entire song. It makes it quite funky if you ask me. Ga-In’s vocals are more appealing this time around, she expresses more of her personality through her voice and she doesn’t sing high pitched all the time, like she did in the previous song. It’s not a very special track but on the other hand it’s not something I expected from her.

Pieona is a song that impressed me from the moment those funky little guitar riffs dropped in. This track is an amazing blend of dance/pop and funkier elements, which I think really suits Gain and her vocals. Although the guitars are the best thing the arrangement has to offer, it’s not all: a nice sharp piano melody, synths, bass and drums accompany the guitar to make this track one big happy sounding creation. It’s the best until now.

Siseon (feat. Yoon Jong Shin) is the track that fits Gain’s soft and sultry vocals best of all with its slow and sensual R&B beat, made from a piano melody and deep bass drums. Gain shines the most in this track, Yoon Jong definitely adds a little extra to the song but if you ask me he does it in a rather boring way. So although his presence isn’t superfluous, a solo version wouldn’t be bad either for Gain. Nice track with a lot of depth though.

At first the beat and tempo of Catch me if you can reminded me of Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, but to get the distinct sound for this track you just add a lot of synths, brass instruments and background cheering to get that extra happy feeling this song is known for. To be quite honest, I love it for that fact. It’s so playful and all pumped up I can’t help but feeling all happy when I listen to this track. Do I feel a recommendation for this one coming up?

So Gain’s mini-album wasn’t at all what I expected after all the anticipation and the fan stalking it got, and that’s a little bitin the negative direction. I expected a little bit more dance/pop and songs that were sassier and more uptempo than some of the songs on the album. But that doesn’t mean I think this is a bad album, not at all! Because Gain’s album wasn’t what I expected it to be, she delivered some new things that totaly suprised me in a good way. So I’m still not sure where I stand with this album. I mean, it’s good, but not perfect, right?

Favorite tracks: Tinker Bell | Pieona | Catch me if you can


4 stars


Road to Lotus Part 4/6: Christina interview on new songs and sound

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Christina Aguilera admits that her last album, 2010’s Bionic, didn’t connect with her fans. “It had a lot of amazing sounds and a futuristic twist to it,” she says. “But if you weren’t a music person, it was just going to go over your head. A lot of the collaborations were with people that were either very underground or weren’t necessarily from the pop world. I really think it was far ahead of its time and it’ll be fully appreciated in the years to come.”

On her follow-up, Lotus – her first LP since getting a divorce and becoming a judge on The Voice – Aguilera goes for a sleeker mainstream pop sound, working with producers like Max Martin, Lucas Secon and Shellback. “I don’t really push myself to have those formulaic commercial successes,” Aguilera says. “It’s dishonest and it starts lacking creativity. I embraced being a pop artist, but I like doing it on my own terms, at my own pace.”

Aguilera sees Lotus (in stores on November 13th) as a companion piece of sorts to her 2002 album, Stripped. “It really takes me back to that time,” she says. “I was shedding a skin in a sense. I had been pigeonholed as formula-pop driven, or molded or forced to be something I didn’t feel was true to me. I was labeled from ‘Genie in a Bottle,’ and I had a lot of things to say and share as a 21-year-old woman. Now I’ve come full circle a decade later. I had a greatest hits album and I experienced a decade in this crazy business. It’s a time of celebration, of embracing being a pop star.”

The songs span a range of emotions, from the pain of loss through a spiritual rebirth to a celebration of life. “It’s a very multi-layered, very heartfelt record,” she says. “I wanted to share all the different sides of me, as a woman, and as a creator and an artist. Part of that is being a mom. Part of that is sexuality. Part of that is vulnerability. Part of that is aggression and angst. All those pieces make me who I am.”

On the piano ballad “Blank Page,” Aguilera vents her pain and regret. “Lord knows I’ve been no saint,” she sings. “Regret choices I made . . . I was scared, unprepared for the things you said/I’m a blank page waiting for life to start.” The club-ready “Army of Me” shows off her defiant side: “What you thought was your best decision became your worst mistake,” she sings defiantly on the track. “That song is a ‘Fighter 2.0,”” Aguilera says. “I want it to inspire a whole new generation. I have six-year-old fans that weren’t even around for ‘Genie in a Bottle’ or even ‘Fighter.'”

Lotus marks Aguilera’s first time working with Swedish pop-radio wizard Max Martin. “I’m not sure we would have been able to create the same music had we connected earlier,” she says. “He did all the Britney and N’Sync songs, and I was doing something a little more daring. But we’ve gained respect for each other.”

The most shocking moment on Lotus is the bonus track “Shut Up,” a furious screed against haters in which Aguilera repeatedly chants “If you don’t like it you can suck my dick.” “That’s for my fans to blast in their cars,” she says. “I know a lot of them get heated and pissed off whenever they hear some bullshit rumor or bullshit story, and it’s a great venting song for anyone that is having a bad day or not liking their boss. It’s playful and tongue in cheek.”

Christina has been pulling double duty recently with her work on The Voice and her new album, and she’s looking forward to temporarily handing off her rotating chair to Shakira for Season Four next spring. “They were going to do back-to-back seasons,” she says. “I knew I had to get back in touch with myself as an artist. I really put myself on the back burner doing that show. I also worried that my advice would start to get stale and redundant. I have to go away for a second and live life. Being on The Voice has been amazing, but I need to see my friends and go on the road again.”

Aguilera called off a planned 2010 tour in support of Bionic, but she hopes she will tour behind this album. “We are thinking about that,” she says. ” But with my schedule everything is complicated – and it’s a whole different ballgame now that I have a son. So, again, we’ll do that on my own terms and within due time.”

Source: Rolling Stone

21 days left

Road to Lotus Part 3/6: Tracklisting

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(Sorry, kinda forgot to post last week due to my busy schedule lately so here’s a double post of part 3 and 4)

~Standard Edition~
1. Lotus Intro
2. Army Of Me
3. Red Hot Kinda Love
4. Make The World Move (feat. Cee Lo Green)
5. Your Body
6. Let There Be Love
7. Sing For Me
8. Blank Page
9. Cease Fire
10. Around The World
11. Circles
12. Best Of Me
13. Just A Fool (feat. Blake Shelton)

~Deluxe Edition bonus tracks~
14. Empty Words
15. Shut Up
16. Light Up The Sky
17. Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)

SHINee – Dazzling Girl

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SHINee – Dazzling Girl

1. Dazzling Girl
2. Run With Me
3. Dazzling Girl [Instrumental]
4. Dazzling Girl [Instrumental]

Dazzling Girl is the fifth Japanese single by South-Korean boy group SHINee, and their first to feature an original Japanese A-side. The single charted at #2 on the Oricon Weekly Charts in its first week and has sold 105,673 copies to date.

OMG I’m so excited SHINee released a new single, and I don’t care whether it’s Japanese or Korean, these guys always know what they’re doing. Dazzling Girl is as dazzling as it’s name, being an amazing uptempo dane song with crazy beats and a lot of synths. All of the guys do an amazing job but this track does have Onew and Jong Hyun written all over, they delivered the best vocals in my opinion. Minho’s rap was poppin’ as well, ‘boom boom boom POW’!

Run With Me is the B-side for this single, and obviously it’s a softer song. I wouldn’t exactly call it a ballad, it’s moderately slow but it does have an amazing heavy beat. The chorus has a melody to die for with its soft piano tones and strings, the vocal melodies release some goosebumps here as well. One big plus in this track is that all of the boys have a good singing part, even Minho sings some of his lines instead of just rapping them. That’s not very common! I love it, this song is more on the sensitive side when compared to the A-side so it’s perfect on this single.

So I guess I’m a it fangirling about this single, and I hope you’ll forgive me for being in my SHINee period lately (46 plays for the past two days and more to come since I have everything on repeat). Speaking of repeat, this single is definitely a candidate to be played on repeat and maybe we’ll see it on the top 10 singles list in December, who knows! All I know is that I’m more than enthousiastic about this single. Arigatou SHINee!


5 stars

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