P!nk – The Truth About Love

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P!nk – The Truth About Love

1. Are We All We Are
2. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
3. Try
4. Just Give Me A Reason (feat. Nate Ruess)
5. True Love (feat. Lily Allen)
6. How Come You’re Not Here
7. Slut Like You
8. The Truth About Love
9. Beam Me Up
10. Walk Of Shame
11. Here Comes The Weekend (feat. Eminem)
12. Where Did The Beat Go?
13. The Great Escape
14. My Signature Move
15. Is This Thing On?
16. Run
17. Good Old Days

♦ ♦ ♦

The Truth About Love is the sixth studio album by American recording artist P!nk, released on September 14, 2012. So far, the first single Blow Me (One Last Kiss) reached #6 on the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as charting inside the top ten in several other countries.

Are We All We Are starts off with a lot of cheering and percussion before a rather catchy song drops in, one that has a certain sound that surprises me because this is not at all what I was used from P!nk. She just took all the energy she is known for and put it in another type of rock song, harder and more oldschool. I like the background vocals chanting the title words with a funny singing melody. Good opening song to set the tone.

One of my favorite songs from the past couple of months has to be Blow Me (One Last Kiss) for multiple reasons. For one, it has such infectuous music, a rock song with dance influence always works (just like Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger, to which this bares resemblance). Then there’s the amazing key change in the chorus, P!nk starts to sing a lot higher and harder and almost blows me away, only a singer like her can pull that off. And ofcourse there are these amazing siganture P!nk lyrics, e.g. ‘No more sick whiskey dick / No more battles from me’ […] ‘You think I’m just too serious / I think you’re full of shit‘. Amazing haha.

Try will be the second single from the album, taking on a more laid back tempo but still incorporating strong rock influences. ‘Why do we fall in love so easy / Even when it’s not right‘, P!nk sings to a solid electric guitar melody in the verses, the percussion taking it to another mor powerful level in the chorus. Later in the song, P!nk again exposes her amazing vocal range by doing these amazing belts only she can do. I think this is a very good choice to be the second single from the album.

Nate Ruess, the vocalist from the band fun. (I bet you all know their song We Are Young), is featured in the next song, Just Give Me A Reason. The collaboration between these two amazing singers turns out to be one of the most amazing P!nk songs I have ever heard on her albums, and it’s even more special since she rarely does collabs. I like how they turned the music into something that has the qualities of a power ballad, but the percussion gives it something more fierce. Definitely a favorite already.

And then there are three collabs on one album, yeah! The next one is True Love (feat. Lily Allen) (I thought Lily stopped singing…?). This track is one of the catchiest since Blow Me because of the bouncy percussion, chanting and adlibs. P!nk is perfect for doing tracks like these, just getting a little silly when still singing serious lyrics. Lily Allen is only featured in the bridge and she barely adds anything to the song with her soft voice, P!nk overpowers her. Still, pretty damn catchy overall.

How Come You’re Not Here has an amazing sound, you just gotta hear it if you love the older types of rock. The verses have a great vintage sound with P!nk singing through a vintage microphone to a lot of electric guitars, but then the chorus features that silly P!nk sound again with some random bell/whistle sounds added. It’s a tough song, pretty loud but a lot of fun and it’s great to see her try out another rock sound than before.

Coming from P!nk, a song called Slut Like You MUST be a good one. ‘I’m not a slut, I just loooove love!‘, she shouts before the song starts. It’s not at all like the track Hooker on her 2003 album Try This, it’s a looooot better with more fun added to it and a lot of cheering in the chorus. P!nk is using a little more of the sing-song style in this track, but it fits the overall sound. Unexpectedly, there’s a great hiphop break in the bridge in which she raps her lyrics a bit, I can’t help but like everything about this silly song. ‘I’m a slut like youuu-ooooo!!’

So I talked about some songs sounding a little oldschool and a bit vintage, but the one that just screams oldschool is the title track, The Truth About Love. It sounds like something that could’ve come straight from the 60s of 70s, and although it’s a little empty for a title track I really like that sound. Practically every song on this album has a different sound than her songs released in the past, but this one perfects it.

Beam Me Up is a ballad…? Okay, great! The album needed a good ballad by now, and I know how good P!nk is at singing ballads with her deep, raw voice. It’s an acoustic ballad with a lone guitar and P!nk’s emotional and soulful vocals. When some strings drop in later in the song and P!nk starts harmonizing, it gets even better and more emotional sounding. It’s like a perfected version of all her previous ballads, and I really recommend this one.

Walk Of Shame is the shortest song on the album at barely three minutes, but it’s just enough time to bring back the sound of Blow Me and the fun of Slut Like You. So yes, P!nk swears a lot in her lyrics, but the way I see it she’s allowed to when she makes the songs so funny like this one! The whistles in the background makes it a lot catchier even, and although 2:44 minutes is way too short it may be just enough time to put in all those blazing electric guitars for one heck of an energetic song.

So the most anticipated collaboration must be Here Comes The Weekend (feat. Eminem), and the two have worked together before so this is gonna be good. It already combines P!nk’s rock music with some of Eminem hiphop influences through the bass percussion, which leads to a great overall sound of the music. P!nk shouts out her lyrics in a very energetic way, putting in everything she has, and when Eminem comes in I definitely feel this song. He sounds a bit different, more laid back, but his rhymes are fitting for the song.

For a song named Where Did The Beat Go?, it has a pretty sick beat in the background (but ofcourse that’s not the beat P!nk mentions in the song’s lyrics). It’s still uptempo but a lot more laid back than most songs on the album, so actually it’s a bit like Try. I think it’s a nice song when you look at it individually, ut it’s easily overshadowed by the more energetic tracks like the previous one so that’s a pity.

The last song on the original tracklist is The Great Escape. This is the song you get when you mix Adele’s Make You Feel My Love with Kelly Clarkson’s Don’t You Wanna Stay, at least those are the songs this pretty piano ballad reminded me of. With this, P!nk perfected her very own piano ballads like Glitter In The Air big time, with better vocals, belting and adlibbing and a more emotional and fuller sound to the piano music. She can be proud of herself!

If you get the deluxe edition, you get four amazing bonus tracks on top of an already great album! The first one is My Signature Move, which is ofcourse much more energetic than th previous ballad track and it has its share of great oldschool percussion and electric guitar riffs, but when compared to other tracks it stays a little in the middle. It’s catchy, has a great vintage sound to it, it’s fun, in short: it’s awesome, and a bonus track needs to be awesome, let’s be honest.

Is This Thing On? starts a little softer with some more strings in the arrangement for a change, the percussion swelling from a soft into a stronger pumping sound in the chorus. Being an uptempo song, it has both ballad qualities and energetic influences, creating an interesting blend which is ofcourse great for a bonus track on a deluxe edition. The music has an amazingly infectuous sound, mostly becauseof the percussion, and I think this one is even better than My Signature Move.

Run is one of the most original and unique tracks on the entire album, because it doesn’t have either a modern rock or classic rock sound, but it’s R&B (really??). It doesn’t exactly take you back to the old Can’t Take Me Home days, but it definitely perfects it (it’s almost like P!nk wanted to perfect everything with this album!). The handclaps, bass, piano and background choir work perfectly together to create on of the prettiest and most appealing songs with the best melody ever. I adore this ❤

She’s taking it up one last time with Good Old Days, a fun song that will definitely have you clapping along to the catchy guitar melody and percussion beat. P!nk shows she has some fun singing this song as well, adlibbing most of the time singing how ‘these are the good old days‘ accompanied by background vocals. I think it’s a great way to end the album’s tracklist, making everything come full circle and giving me the feeling this album is gonna bring some ‘good old days’ along!

Just take a look at my favorites list below. ISN’T THAT CRAZY?! I listed like 14 out of 17 songs as my favorites, I think that’s a new record! As you can see, the first 7(!) tracks are really worth listening to, so the album kicks off in an amazing way. The 3 tracks I didn’t list as my favorites were not unlikeable, they just lacked a tiny little bit when compared to how catchy the other tracks were, so I didn’t dislike a single track on that darned long tracklist! I’d say P!nk is gonna take her career to a whole new level with this, this is better than anything she has ever done and she’s sure gonna get some good feedback on this one. From me at least!

Favorite tracks: Are We All We Are | Blow Me (One Last Kiss) | Try | Just Give Me A Reason (feat. Nate Ruess) | True Love (feat. Lily Allen) | How Come You’re Not Here | Slut Like You | Beam Me Up | Walk Of Shame | Here Comes The Weekend (feat. Eminem) | The Great Escape | My Signature Move | Is This Thing On? | Run


5 stars


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