AFTERSCHOOL – Rambling girls / Because of you

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AFTERSCHOOL – Rambling girls / Because of you

1. Rambling girls
2. Because of you [Japan Ver.]
3. Because of you [Korea Ver.]
4. Rambling girls (Instrumental)
5. Because of you [Japan Ver.] (Instrumental)

Rambling girls / Because of you is the third Japanese single by South-Korean girl group AFTERSCHOOL, released on January 25, 2012. The single debuted at #6 on the Oricon charts and has sold 14,437 units to date.

Their first original Japanese song! It’s clear by now that these girls are tackling the synthpop and electropop style for their Japanese career, and they completely nailed it. Rambling girls is amazing, it’s like this isn’t AFTERSCHOOL at all, they sound so different and totally not like cute school girls anymore. The lyrics in the chorus are mostly ~la la la la la~, but it’s so damn catchy I really don’t mind. For their first Japanese song that isn’t a translation, this was more than just good.

Amazing they featured a translation of one of their prettiest songs. Because of you [Japan Ver.] is like the Korean version ‘Neo Ttaemune’ gone down the perfection road. This Japanese version is way better balanced and sounds more vibrant and lighter. Kahi’s rap finally isn’t out of place, because she does it with a lighter voice instead of instantly putting all of her energy in it right after an emotional opening section. I still don’t know what this is though, a ballad or an uptempo… It’s both. Done.

I don’t know if this is a newly recorded version (it probably is but I’m not sure since it sounds so different and exactly like the original), but Because of you [Korea Ver.] features all the hitches the Japanese version didn’t have. Kahi’s rap is way too fierce again, the balance is gone a bit and the vocals sound so different I bet this is the older generation of the group. Don’t get me wrong, besides those little details I still think this is one of their best songs for its use of both a slow an emotional piano section and a dance/pop orientated chorus.

Rambling girls / Because of you featured everything a good single should have in the case of AFTERSCHOOL: a sexy new track and an old reliable returning in a new form. This single deserved its double name because both tracks are amazing and they fit together perfectly on one release. Rambling girls was the amazing new single to show the audience how they matured, in both image and sound, while Because of you brought back an oldie in an even better form than it already was. The new version definitely tops the older Korean Version, I’m not saying that one’s bad but the Japanese version is just…  better.


4½ stars


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