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1. Diva [Japan Ver.]
2. Ready to love
3. Diva [2011 New Korea Ver.]
4. Diva [Japan Ver.] (Instrumental)
5. Ready to love (Instrumental)

Diva is the second Japanese single by South-Korean girl group AFTERSCHOOL, released on November 23, 2011.

Even though I still hate that opening line ‘I love my boy, I love my boy‘ (it just doesn’t make sense in this context), the ambience of Diva [Japan Ver.] is so much better than the original Korean version, it’s much more mature. The arrangement follows a more synthpop style instead of the cute pop style it used to have, and the ~diva, diva, di- di- di- diva~ chanting is done by an altered voice instead of the girls as well. The vocals are more confident, everything about this version just screams that these girls have grown up.

Ready to love is the B-side on this single, and even though it has the same musical style as the A-side and it’s uptempo too, I think it’s a bit more chill and it shows off both a cute and fierce style of the group. The music reinforces their confidence and they sometimes sound even quite sexy when singing their lyrics in a husky voice, but their high pitches and the bells in the background make it rather cute. Nice hybrid and definitely a good song.

And then there’s the version that was featured on their Korean debut album: Diva [2011 New Korea Ver.]. It’s exactly the same song as the Japanese version, except for the language ofcourse. I always say singers sound better when singing in their own language, and this is no exception. The vocals just sound a lot fuller and better, bolder. Still, when you put everything together, I can’t help but putting this language together with the older arrangement and the Japanese language with the new arrangement.

With Diva, AFTERSCHOOL had a strong sophomore single and I think they really proved they were ready to take over the Japanese music world. It’s great they gave the original song a makeover to fit their contemporary style a lot more, they’re not really the cute girls they were back then anymore. They are more experienced now, ready for a new sound and this was the first time they actually got it since ‘Bang!’ never really changed. The B-side complements the A-side perfectly, using the same musical sound but with a slightly different feel. Good single!


4½ stars

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