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1. Bang! <Japan Ver.>
2. Super sexy
3. Bang! <Korea Ver.>
4. Bang! <Japan Ver.> Instrumental
5. Super sexy Instrumental

Bang! is the first Japanese single by South-Korean girl group AFTERSCHOOL, released on August 17, 2011.

I think they did a great job by picking Bang! as their Japanese debut single, since I have always loved the original Korean track. Hearing it in Japanese is a bit weird for me, but I still like it pretty much and their pronunciation is very good. Whoever replaced Bekah in the rap section was a complete dork and it was totally out of place, but that’s okay since the concept for this song was so much better than the one in the original version. It’s still the very same big band concept I loved so much from the girls.

Super sexy is the B-side, an original song, and I think it’s funny I still remember this song while I only heard it once last year so it must have made some kind of impression on me. Still it’s a pretty generic pop song with a lot of synths and fast beats, and the girls are singing in more of a singsong style than a melodic style, so I have my doubts about this one despite liking the fierce feel of it.

And ofcourse the forever best version is the original: Bang! <Korean Ver.>. The Japanese version can never beat this one, even though this one has the creepy introduction that the Japanese version left out. The music for the Korean version sounds somewhat fuller, the vocals are more confident and I always thought the girls sounded like a 15 member group instead of just 8, they’re simply amazing. Bekah’s rap, Raina’s high note, everything about this version is just so much better. No doubt about it.

Even though nothing can beat the original, AFTERSCHOOL at least tried to top it with this version of Bang!. They didn’t really succed, but when I stop comparing the two versions, they really nailed the Japanese one as well. The introduction is much stronger than the one featured in the Korean version (without that freakish guy), but the vocals are a bit too careful and that rap was just so dorky. WHO DID THAT xD
Other than that, pretty good Japanese debut and I think they really captured the Japanese music industry with this. Not perfect, but still good enough.


4 stars


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