Koda Kumi – LOVE & HONEY

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Koda Kumi – LOVE & HONEY

1. キューティーハニー
2. The Theme of Sister Jill
3. The Theme of Sister Jill ~Love & Honey version (CD only)
4. 夜霧のハニー
5. Into your heart

LOVE & HONEY is the eleventh single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on May 26, 2004. he single reached #4 on Oricon charts and charted for 35 weeks. It has sold a total of 150,634 units.

キューティーハニー is a great way to start the ‘secret’ era, Kuu really brought her sexy image to the forefront with this and I like the unusual sound it has. It’s the cover of a theme song, also featured in the movie of the same name, and although Kuu’s English is lacking a bit I always love it when she sings ‘HONEY FULAAASHU!‘. Very energetic track, and I loved the flute solo in the bridge. I used to dislike this track, but luckily it grew on me.

The Theme of Sister Jill was also featured in the movie ‘Cutie Honey’, and Kuu had a small role in the film, singing this song honoring the supervillain Sister Jill (and that scene actually made me LMFAO). It’s a very slow track, all strings, and also all English. Now that’s exactly what makes this song so meh, besides the fact that it’s only 1:12 minutes long. I had to look up the lyrics because I understood less than 10% of the lyrics.

The CD only version features a different version, longer. The Theme of Sister Jill ~Love & Honey version (CD only) starts out the same way as the other version, slow and in English, but after that it suddenly turns into a soulful Japanese song with a little percussion added. I like this version way better, and especially the second part. Although the transition between the different parts wasn’t smooth.

On the entire single, I think I like 夜霧のハニー second least of all because it features one irritating line, the first of the verse. I just don’t like the melody because it sounds really off to me, strangely. There’s also a lot of repetition, including that small part. Ugh. Apart from that it’s not a really terrible track, pretty mellow R&B with a lot of bass instead of synths.

Into your heart is the second very energetic track on the single besides キューティーハニー, and actually among the tracks I DO love on this single. Nowadays I sometimes compare this track to ‘Lady Go!’ because it has a similar sound. Kuu has great vocals in this one, totally not oversinging a single line, and the background vocals helped out great too. Very good track.

I was never fond of LOVE & HONEY and after carefully reviewing it I recon I will never really be. It has some good tracks on it like キューティーハニー and Into your heart, but the Sister Jill tracks and 夜霧のハニー were a bit… weird. Actually the Sister Jill tracks had an even weirder sound to them after I saw the scene in the movie that introduced this villain. It cracked me up, sorry xD   Anyway, I think this single is quite average, not Kuu’s best work but not her worst either.


3 stars


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