Koda Kumi – hands

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Koda Kumi – hands

1. hands
2. Through the sky
3. hands (Instrumental)
4. Through the sky (Instrumental)

hands is the fourteenth single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on January 19, 2005. The single reached #7 on Oricon charts and charted for 8 weeks. It sold 22,693 units in it’s first week and the most recent figures show that it sold a total of 48,910 units.

The previous single featured an R&B ballad as A-side, but this A-side is another one. Luckily, they don’t sound alike and hands might even work better than ‘奇跡’, despite sounding a little dramatic when it comes to the vocals. The strings and piano definitely do the trick in this song, making it one of the prettier songs in the era. Kuu may sound a little melodramatic at times, but the lyrics are sooo sad I actually give her credit for such an emotional performance.

Through the sky is one of those songs that get more interesting by the minute, and I think it’s one of Kuu’s prettiest non-R&B ballads. True, it has some influences, but it’s more on the orchestral pop side this time. The arrangement is pretty big and it reminds me a little of ‘1000の言葉’, but then much better. Kuu’s vocals are strong, solid and well controlled, I love it when she uses her voice like this. The acoustic guitar solo in the bridge was superb ❤

Despite having two ballads on this single, they’re both amazing and have a different sound. hands was the emotional R&B ballad , while Through the sky was the orchestra influenced ballad with an amazing arrangement. This single is just so sweet, and I can’t help having a weak spot for it since hands was one of my first J-Pop songs (and one of my first Kuu songs too), I fell in love with it right after I saw the PV. I still love it today, and when I reviewed the album last year, Through the sky joined my fav list. Recommended if you’re a real Kuu stan ^^


5 stars

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