Koda Kumi – Chase

August 31, 2012 at 2:27 PM | Posted in Koda Kumi | 1 Comment

Koda Kumi – Chase

1. Chase
3. Chase (Instrumental)
4. HEAT feat. MEGARYU (Instrumental)

Chase is the twelfth single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on July 28, 2004. The single reached #18 on Oricon charts and charted for 8 weeks. It sold 11,764 units in it’s first week and the most recent figures show that it sold a total of 21,690 units.

In her entire discography, Chase is probably one of Kuu’s most unique songs with an amazing arrangement. The saxophone is very sassy and it definitely adds a little spice to the already quite energetic track. Kuu really found her way into the song, displaying great vocals and she really sound like she had fun recording this one. One of the best A-sides of the era.

I almost feel a little guilty for liking HEAT feat. MEGARYU so much. It’s extremely sexy, it has a mysterious Arabian sound it in the background while MEGARYU and the percussion added a little more Caribbean spice to it. I like MEGARYU’s rap too, as well as Heartsdales’ Jewels rap in the bridge. Too bad she isn’t credited for it, I first thought it was Kuu because they sound pretty similar. This song just oozes sex and really fits Kuu’s image at this point.

This single is amazing, it’s short but I love both tracks and they’re both among my list of favorites. Kuu has a great single on her hands with Chase, it rarely happens that both the A-side and B-side are so good. She really deserves more credit for this one, in my opinion ofcourse. I know plenty of people who hate the B-side, but well, too bad guys, just look at my rating *haha*


5 stars


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  1. Great review! Totally agree – this single is just oozing with awesome.

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