Koda Kumi – 奇跡

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Koda Kumi – 奇跡

1. 奇跡
3. life
4. 奇跡 (Instrumental)
5. LOVE HOLIC (Instrumental)
6. life (Instrumental)

奇跡 is the thirteenth single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on September 8, 2004. The single reached #7 on Oricon charts and charted for 10 weeks. It sold 28,509 units in it’s first week and the most recent figures show that it sold a total of 60,033 units.

 奇跡  is a very beautiful and soothing ballad in R&B style, and I remember it wasn’t my favorite track on the ‘secret’ album. Still it’s not too generic and the melodies are quite memorable, just like the pretty arrangement with a soft beat, many strings and a piano. Kuu’s vocals are amazing in this one, especially near the end when she starts belting out her lyrics (and omg is that whistle note hers…?). I guess this one took its time to grow on me.

Even though this single was released in September, it features a real summer song! LOVE HOLIC is an amazing track which I adore for its great summer vibes and energy. It’s uptempo, it features edgy guitar riffs and Kuu’s vocals make the track even more uplifting (she definitely had fun singing this, I can tell). Catchy track, you really have to give it a listen if you ahven’t already.

life features a more midtempo sound instead of being a ballad, although it’s still as R&B influenced as 奇跡  is. It has a good sense of energy while still maintaining a subtle sound at the same time. I think there are less highlights in this song than in the A-side, but it flows very well and the arrangement is very nice.

奇跡  is a very nice single incorporating one ballad, one uptempo and one midtempo track, so that’s already good for some points. I love variation, and that’s exactly what this single has given me. My favorite track will always be LOVE HOLIC, and it has been one of my all time Kuu favorites for a long time now. The rest of the songs were good too, they just caught my attention a little less (but only slightly).


4 stars


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