Namie Amuro – How to be a Girl

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Namie Amuro – How to be a Girl

1. How to be a Girl -STRAIGHT RUN-
2. How to be a Girl -ADULT EDUCATION MIX-
3. How to be a Girl -INSTRUMENTAL-

How to be a Girl is the eighth single by Japanese singer Namie Amuro, released on May 21, 1997. This single reached #1 on the Oricon charts, charting for 11 weeks and selling 772,130 units.

How to be a Girl -STRAIGHT RUN- is the most energetic and dominant A-side of this entire era, opening with a really cool drum break and electric guitar riffs. In the parts that act as the verses of the song, Namie’s vocals are somewhat altered while in the ‘chorus’ she sings in a normal voice. There are many instrumental parts and I can’t really say there really are verses and a chorus, everything just flows along in this energetic hybrid. Out of all the A-sides in this era, I guess I like this one least.

How to be a Girl -ADULT EDUCATION MIX- has an even more agressive sound to the arrangement with deeper bass synths and a much darker feel to it. I don’t like it that they left that amazing drum break out because that was just very original and amazing, this version was pretty empty when compared to that and therefore a bit dull.

Even though both tracks have a solid agressive sound to them unlike her other tracks in this era, I find this single a bit more boring than the rest. I guess that’s why this one sold the least copies of all, being the only one with less than a million. Yup, this could’ve been so much more than it turned out to be. Still, the original version isn’t even that bad.


3 stars


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