Mika Nakashima – WILL

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Mika Nakashima – WILL

2. Just trust in our love
3. WILL (Instrumental)
4. Just trust in our love (Instrumental)

WILL is the fifth single by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima, released on August 7, 2002. This single reached #3 on Oricon and sold a total of 144,771 units.

Now I know for sure ballads are definitely Mika’s thing, since I haven’t heard anything so beautiful from hers since ‘STARS’. WILL is a beautiful, emotional and yet simple piano ballad with some additional strings. It’s a pop ballad with a little bit of jazz somewhere too, and since Mika’s not stressing any high notes it’s such a pretty song and nice to listen to.

Just trust our love surprisingly has an R&B touch, just like her previous single but then again this works out way better since it’s another ballad. Again her vocals are way better, and I have the strange feeling she might have taken some classes by now to improve them. Her voice is perfect for these songs, soft ballads, although this one has a smoother edge because of the nice R&B beats.

WILL is a breath of fresh air in her early discography, and Mika should just stick to doing ballads. Releasing another all-ballad single like her debut was a good idea, and this is now my favorite single of the entire first era together with ‘STARS’ (okay I like this one more). Both tracks on this single were gorgeous, they were easy to tell apart because of the different influences (pop/jazz vs R&B), so both stand out. Recommended single if you don’t know her music and want to try out some of her earlier works!


5 stars


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