Mika Nakashima – ONE SURIVE

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Mika Nakashima – ONE SURVIVE

3. CRESCENT MOON (Gonga Massive Version)
4. ONE SURVIVE (Blaze Shelter Remix)
5. ONE SURVIVE (Instrumental)
6. TRUE EYES (Instrumental)

ONE SURVIVE is the third single by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima, released on March 6, 2002. This single reached #8 on Oricon charts and charted for seven weeks. It sold 86,600 units.

ONE SURVIVE has a very nice style, being a kind of jazz/disco hybrid. It has the beats and strings accents of a typical 70s disco song, but the brass instruments are what provide the little hint of jazz, just like the little freestyle part in the bridge. Mika’s vocals are a little more pleasant to listen to, she’s going full out with her voice but she’s doing a really good job maintaining control over her voice. Definitely better than what the previous single had to offer.

The B-side is a bit of the same genre, it has the same uptempo dance sound but there are some differences too. TRUE EYES is slightly slower and I love how the arrangement includes a flute and even a soft sitar in the background, with the beats, synths and strings playing the biggest parts of all. Even though it shows similarities to the A-side, I can see the differences enough to make me love this track as well.

CRESCENT MOON (Gonga Massive Version) is basically the original song with a more extensive arrangement, but I barely noticed it. I had to listen to the original first again to look for the differences, so that’s a bit of a bummer. So apart from some extra percussion and guitars, this version isn’t that ‘massive’. Still good though.

Now ONE SURVIVE (Blaze Shelter Remix) does in fact sound different from its original version (but then again we can’t all have Ayu’s remixers who can almost alter a song beyond recognition). This remix is less jazzy than the original, still maintaining the disco sound with the beats and strings accents, but the brassy instruments are gone so the only jazz feel comes from the piano. Apart from being not much of a remix but more like an alternate version, it’s still a good track.

Four uptempo tracks on one single can’t be bad all the time, this single actually proved it could work. Some say all the tracks sound alike. The only issue I noticed was that the remixes sounded a little too much like their original songs, but I eventually was okay with that. ONE SURVIVE was a good track for being the third single, it was definitely better than the previous A-side if you ask me. TRUE EYES was a fun song too with the sitar and flute, pretty original. Yup, good single.


4½ stars


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