Mika Nakashima – Helpless Rain

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Mika Nakashima – Helpless Rain

1. Helpless Rain
2. Helpless Rain (But I’m fallin’ too deep)
3. Destiny’s Lotus (Version)
4. Helpless Rain (Instrumental)

Helpless Rain is the fourth single by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima, released on May 15, 2002. This single reached #8 on Oricon charts and charted for six weeks. It sold 82,830 units.

Helpless Rain isn’t like anything Mika has done before, with the song following a clear R&B style with heavier beats. Other instruments include a piano, strings and an acoustic guitar. It works pretty well, even for her, but my god… the vocals. Mika is singing these really high notes in the chorus and she’s just stressing them, failing epically at singing them with a clear voice. Too bad, since the rest of the song is actually very good!

Helpless Rain (But I’m fallin’ too deep) actually has the same sound as the original version, minus the strings (so the arrangement is kinda spread thin) and adding a rapping section which was fine. I’m getting used to Mika’s vocals here, except for that one extreme high note which was still hideous. Okay, good track, but still not loving it all that much because of that issue. The rapping sections by Heartsdales made it more interesting though.

At first I thought Destiny’s Lotus (Version) was not only lacking a proper title but an arrangement as well, with Mika singing her first verse with minimal instruments accompanying her. Then the entire thing turned around and luckily a good fast beat, synths and guitars were added, kinda like in the original version. The rapping sections by (I believe) VERBAL were pretty good too, spiced up the track a bit.

So we all know Helpless Rain isn’t Mika’s best single, and she probably knows it too. The A-side was vocally her worst track yet, but ONLY because of that one notte she screw up big time throughout the entire track. So that was quite a bummer, but luckily the rest of the track was good enough for me to like it. The other version also appealed to me, perhaps because Heartsdales gave it a little more oomph than the original had. Destiny’s Lotus (Version) still has a weird title.


3½ stars


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