Mika Nakashima – CRESCENT MOON

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Mika Nakashima – CRESCENT MOON

4. CRESCENT MOON (Instrumental)
5. DESTINY’S LOTUS (Instrumental)

CRESCENT MOON is the second single by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima, released on February 6, 2002. It was limited to 100,000 copies. The single reached #4 on the Oricon charts and sold all copies in just four weeks.

CRESCENT MOON surprises me for having such a dance driven sound, kinda like ‘Never Give Up On The Good Times’ by the Spice Girls, you know. It has some really good beats and the strings have the perfect arrangement here, being not only the background group but providing some nice accents here and there as well. It makes the song a little funkier. Mika’s vocals are very good in this song, and they reach their best in the bridge when she sings some high notes too.

Did I say CRESCENT MOON was funky? That’s probably because I hadn’t heard DESTINY’S LOTUS at that time, the B-side. This song is even more uptempo than the A-side, the beats are a lot catchier, the strings accents come back stronger and I love the funky guitar riffs that make this song so memorable. In fact, I think I like this song even more than the A-side (yes, even that male rap in the bridge was pretty infectuous), so I’m very glad this is on the album!

The sound of waves opening AMAZING GRACE is pretty soothing, then it tends to get a little more mysterious when it comes to the music. When Mika herself starts singing, she sounds a little off key at the beginning, in my opinion. It gets a little bit better after that, but her entire performance remains iffy. I don’t know, it just doesn’t sound that good. Too bad.

‘STARS’ was a better single, period. CRESCENT MOON was a nice song, but the B-side was even better and a lot funkier and more danceable. AMAZING GRACE should be banned, I was pretty close to hating her off vocals on that one. I know, she does a lot better than some other artists, but even her English was bad so I’m gonna stick to my honest opinion. Still, this single didn’t disappoint me too much since the first two songs were very good individual tracks with good music and already a sound switch for Mika after two ballads. I’ll forget about the third track, I’ll just take the first two and stop right there.


3½ stars


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