Ayumi Hamasaki – evolution

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Ayumi Hamasaki – evolution

1. evolution “Original Mix”
2. evolution “Dub’s Floor Remix Transport 004”
3. evolution “DJ REMO-CON REMIX”
4. End of the World “Laugh & Peace MIX”
5. evolution “BOOM・BASS・Ayumix”
6. evolution “Oriental Hot SPA”
7. SURREAL “nicely nice electron”oo remix”
8. evolution “Huge terrestrial birth mix”
9. evolution “LAW IS Q mix”
10. evolution “Original Mix -Instrumental-”

evolution is the twentieth single by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, released on January 31, 2001. This single reached #1 on the Oricon charts and charted for 17 weeks. It sold 955,250 copies, becoming the #7 single of 2001.

Who of us haven’t thought when first listening to evolution this was gonna be a pretty slow ballad? Well, think again because this is one of Ayu’s fastest and most rocking song ever, no wonder they brought it back this year to promote the movie Helter Skelter. Although her vocals aren’t that good all the way through (she can get really pitchy at times), her fast singing in the chorus is amazing and I gotta give her a compliment for it. I really like this track because it’s so dominant and fierce, there’s a lot of tension and that electric guitar solo is simply amazing.

Dub messed up with the remix for ‘M’, and although there are some weird adlibbing sections in this track, evolution “Dub’s Floor Remix Transport 004” has some really good instrumental parts before the actual song kicks in (without any vocal effects, yeay). The synth tunes are well created, but on the other hand it’s repeated all the friggin’ time and there isn’t any variation in this remix at all. Me, a fan of Dub’s? You kidding??

evolution “DJ REMO-CON MIX” actually opened with that slow chanting introduction, just like the original song. The remix that follows is a really long one, close to being 9 minutes in length, and it’s very trance inspired. It’s very original, the loud synth parts may drive you a little crazy after a while so it’s not gonna be a favorite in my case, but it has its charm. In some way.

Funny they brought back ‘End of the World’ from her album Duty for End of the World “Laugh & Peace MIX”. It starts off in a rather creepy way but it turns out quite right in the end. Just like the Laugh & Peace MIX for ‘Far away’ on the ‘M’ single, this remix has a futuristic sound as well which is pretty cool. I wasn’t a big fan of the original although I thought it was a decent track, but this remix brought it back to my attention.

evolution “BOOM・BASS・Ayumix” was definitely a good remix in my opinion. It stays kind of low profile most of the time but the beat they used was stunning, and I really liked how that beat was the bass for the entire track with the other instruments tuning in a little later. The music actually follows the chords of the original song, wow. It’s such a total 180 from the dominant original song, I loved this (and especially the last minute).

I’m beginning to wonder whether or not this single is gonna get a favorable rating in the end… evolution “Oriental Hot SPA” is about as weird as its title and there isn’t pretty much to it. If you know what I mean with a ‘quiet’ remix, you can figure it out, there isn’t anything going on in this one. What the heck are they doing for over 7 minutes long… NEXT.

OMG YES, maybe there’s still some hope left since they put in SURREAL “nicely nice electron’00 remix”. I know ‘nicely nice’ remixes for their rather interesting twists on songs, and this is no exception. The music isn’t agressive at all, so the vocal melodies and overall arrangement get a chance to shine. It’s uptempo in a chill kind of way, while the bridge takes it down a bit with a cool percussion break. Can’t help liking this. After all, don’t we all like the original song too…?

The humming part from the beginning of the original song is featured in evolution “Huge terrestrial birth mix” too! But that’s where it stops, I think. The arrangement is plain boring for the record, and the music is constantly overpowering poor Ayu. Only the ‘la la la’ parts (yeah that sounds great when typing it down…) were interesting enough since they never feature them in any remixes.

I like the opening for evolution “LAW IS Q mix”, using that same ‘la la la’ part (bow for ‘la la la’ peasants) in the first part a LOT. The remix is fast as heck, probably the most uptempo one on the entire single and trance influenced, but it’s like a last minute savior. I didn’t know I would like it as much as I did eventually, probably because the chorus has a great sense of energy and good music.

evolution is an interesting single, since it marks the first one since the ‘unofficial’ NOTHING FROM NOTHING era that I don’t like all that much… There are some pretty poor and boring remixes here, and let’s face it, evolution can’t really be mixed perfectly since it’s just not the right song for it. Still, some remixers gave it a shot and succeeded, the rest took the song and ruined it beyond repair. I don’t know what to do with this one, I’ll just stick to the following tracks: evolution “Original Mix”evolution “BOOM・BASS・Ayumix”, SURREAL “nicely nice electron’00 remix” and evolution “LAW IS Q mix”. Throw out the rest plz.


2 stars

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