Ayumi Hamasaki – Endless sorrow

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Ayumi Hamasaki – Endless sorrow

1. Endless sorrow “Original Mix”
2. vogue “Kirari Natsu Ayu Mix”
3. Endless sorrow “Natural Green Dub Mix”
4. Endless sorrow “nicely nice skyblue remix”
5. NEVER EVER “Dub’s Uncategorized Mix 001”
6. Endless sorrow “Ram’s Advance Mix”
7. Endless sorrow “Brent Mini’s gothic mix”
8. Endless sorrow “Liquid Heart Mix”
9. Endless sorrow “Juicy Ariyama Mix”
10. Endless sorrow “Original Mix -Instrumental-”

Endless sorrow is the twenty-second single by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, released on May 16, 2001. This single reached #1 on the Oricon charts and charted for 11 weeks. It sold 768,510 copies, becoming the #14 single of 2001.

It took me a while to get used to Endless sorrow “Original Mix” because I know the ~gone with the wind ver.~ a lot better, but then I came to love it. It’s a beautiful and harmonious track that maintains the rocky feel of this era while still being very subtle and soft (kinda like NEVER EVER, right?). The song as an acoustic undertone with the piano notes, strings and acoustic guitar riffs, which I love. The chorus is the perfect one for a song like this, it goes all the way with expressing the emotion. Another great A-side (but some of you already knew I loved the A-sides of this era).

Sweet nostalgia… vogue “Kirari Natsu Ayu Mix” throws in a good R&B sound that fits ‘vogue’ rather perfectly. It’s a very ethereal remix with the sound of nature, the harp, strings and acoustic guitar, the entire thing just feels so organic and as if you were outside. The beat makes it a little more oldschool. Overall, this remix makes me feel really good and it’s probably the best remix for ‘vogue’ ever.

Dub discourages me… Endless sorrow “Natural Green Dub Mix” doesn’t make any sense to me and is the most incoherent remix I’ve ever heard. It sounds like Ayu recorded it in a big factory and the workers and machines are continuing their work. The mix suddenly stops right in the middle of a verse, they tried to imitate the nature sounds of the previous remix… WEIRD.

Endless sorrow “nicely nice skyblue remix” sounds promising and very danceable, it amazed me they could take a song like the original one and turn it into something more uplifting without taking away the beauty. The vocal effects in the verses didn’t even bother me at all. The music sounds great, featuring the good old dance beats and synths, but adding some bombastic strings explosions every now and then. Very good remix.

For a Dub remix, NEVER EVER “Dub’s Uncategorized Mix 001” sounds pretty hot! Ayu’s slightly altered vocals add a mysterious echoing effect to the verses, while the music is just plain good dance music. The synths are a little deeper and heavier, providing a little more agressive sound but it stays inside the lines if you know what I mean. This is probably the only Dub remix that I will ever like.

Endless sorrow “Ram’s Advance Mix” is the worst remix on this single, featuring the ‘good’ old copy-and-paste style of Ayu’s older remixes. The mixer took different pieces fromt he original song (the ones that didn’t make any sense out of context), threw them in a catchy beat, ruined the thing and made it borderline 8 minutes in length. *sighs*

Endless sorrow “Brent Mini’s gothic remix” isn’t a bad remix, it’s just ehhhr… let’s say interesting since that’s the word I use when I don’t know how to describe something. It’s disturbing, dark, moody, haunting… and actually not bad like I said. True, it doesn’t really have a highlight, but when it comes to being original this remix definitely deserves points.

I like the little 80s groove that goes on in Endless sorrow “Liquid Heart Mix”, it’s a bit like summer music as well so that’s one big plus for it. Most of the time I don’t like it when Ayu gets overpowered by the music, but here the music is such a focus point and the echoed vocal effects make it sound like they overpowered her on purpose. It’s all about the music here, funky music, GOOD music, I love it.

Endless sorrow “Juicy Ariyama Mix” is a little misleading at first because of the beautiful strings in the intro, but then it takes on a club sound. It fits the original song quite well, taking on some of the musical elements the original track featured but giving everything an original new twist. It’s one of the few softer club mixes that I actually like since it doesn’t get boring at all.

Finally there’s a maxi single with some GOOD remixes! With only two tracks I didn’t like, this Endless sorrow is like a breath of fresh air, something I really needed during my struggle of fighting through this darned long era with its 100,000 remixes… I was utterly surprised by how good some of the songs on this single were, a couple of geniuses have been working on this and they put in everything they got to make this single enjoyable while everything before it was just ‘meh’. If your goal is to listen to an Ayu maxi single, I’d pick this one. Trust me.


4 stars


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