BoA – Miracle

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BoA – Miracle

1. 기적 (Destiny)
2. Every Heart
3. Valenti
4. 마음은 전해진다 (Feelings Deep Inside)
5. Share Your Heart (With Me)
6. Happiness
7. Snow White
8. Nobody But You
9. Next Step
10. Nothing’s Gonna Change
11. Listen to My Heart

♦ ♦ ♦

Miracle is the second special Korean album (2.5 album) by South-Korean singer BoA, released on October 14, 2002. It contains Korean versions of some of her Japanese hit singles.

기적 (Destiny) may not be the perfect opening track since it lacks the energy for it, but it has its own kind of attitude in some way. It’s quite laid back with a lot of harmonious harp notes and bells, but it also has some strong beats and louder strings arrangements. BoA’s adlibbing in this track is amazing, she started to do more of her high pitched notes at this point and I love it when she does it.

Every Heart is the Korean version for ‘Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi-‘, but I’ll get to that later. I must say this track follows the generic kind of pattern for a pop song, but like some songs on her album ‘NO.1’ this song has some strange appeal to it which makes me like it very much. The beat is midtempo, the strings give this song a soft touch but BoA herself is very much there, her vocals never really get softer but I guess it’s okay.

Perhaps Valenti is the energetic song I’ve been waiting for since it drops right in with all its drums, background singers and synths. I think this track is amazing, one of BoA’s best songs I’ve heard lately. The arrangement is very uptempo with bombastic blasts in percussion and synths, and BoA’s vocals are even better again than they were before. She has this angelic sound that is unique, and it really comes forward in this track. Her belting and high notes are amazing too.

마음은 전해진다 (Feelings Deep Inside) is the Korean version for ‘Kimochi wa Tsutawaru’, and if you ask me it has the same kind of arrangement and feel as Every Heart, but just slightly more uptempo. I enjoy this track a little better as well, but only after I heard the chorus because that’s way better than the verses. BoA’s vocals are a little softer and deeper this time, and although it’s not her best track it’s still pretty good.

Every track on this album has been released before and the only thing they changed was the language of the lyrics. Share Your Heart (With Me) comes pretty close to being this beautiful ballad with a lot of cute elements like high pitched bell sounds and soft strings, but then there’s ofcourse the contrast with the somewhat heavier beat in the background. Both the melodies and the vocals in this track are very good.

Happiness is an uptempo pop track again with BoA’s typical percussion, synths and strings in the arrangement. BoA’s singing melody and tempo is something that draws my attention for a change, next to her pretty vocals and the energetic chorus ofcourse. This song has the illusion of being faster paced than it actually is, especially when BoA starts rapping the bridge (which is quite a funny detail, but well done).

Snow White finally features more variety in vocals by BoA, since she sings the verses with care and puts much more into her vocals during the chorus. She also combines her deeper vocals with belting and her higher notes, so vocally this is an amazing track for her. The arrangement doesn’t sound all that typical as well, with the background vocals blending in as if they were instruments themselves and the amazing touch of a soft Spanish guitar.

Next up is another uptempo track with even more impressing vocals by BoA because she really lets herself go at some points now. Nobody But You already has quite a burst of music with a lot of beats, synths and electric guitar riffs, but BoA’s belting is so confident and she does it with so much flair in the chorus. It’s funny how a little moment in the bridge sounds a little bit like a circus atmosphere before it turns right back to the normal arrangement.

Next Step had a pretty long instrumental introduction, but the actual song that eventually followed really made up for that. I don’t know why but this track felt very ‘real’ to me, I don’t know how to explain it but it’s very positive in any sense. The chorus is one of the best choruses on the entire album, just like BoA’s English is actually not hard to understand and her singing is top notch. And did I mention catchy?

The last ballad on the album is Nothing’s Gonna Change, and since I’m very much into the melodies when the arrangement sound a little alike, I’m judging on the fact that this melody is pretty original. It also allows BoA to vary between her deeper and higher vocals again which she does amazingly well as always. In the bridge, she sings her highest notes yet and it’s simply breathtaking how high they are, very close to falsetto.

Other than that BoA can get a little bit overpowered by her background singers in the chorus, Listen to My Heart is an incredibly catchy track with deeper and more mature vocals by BoA and a lot of attitude to the music. This is one of the songs that have been featured on multiple releases in more than one language, but small wonder since it’s probably one of the better songs in her early career.

Most of the time these ‘2.5’ albums don’t really get my attention, but I have to admit that when it comes to BoA I’m always willing to give it a try since I was pretty enthousiastic about her other early releases. This album doesn’t disappoint either, not even when it comes to the never changing arrangement in some of the songs. It’s pretty much percussion, synths and strings all over but then BoA has the ability to change the song into something very good and enjoyable. She did that with ‘NO.1’ and she did it again with Miracle, although these were songs she already released in Japanese. For a 2.5 abum a very solid release.

Favorite tracks: Every Heart | Valenti | Share Your Heart (With Me) | Snow White | Nobody But You | Next Step | Nothing’s Gonna Change | Listen to My Heart


4½ stars


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