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1. 그만 헤어져
2. Because of You
3. 사랑은 없다
4. 남자라서
5. 어떡해
6. 누구세요 (feat. Bigtone)

♦ ♦ ♦

LOVELESS is the first Korean mini-album by South-Korean singer Gummy, released on April 29, 2010.

This mini-album review was requested by ‘ayusecrets’.

그만 헤어져 opens with a lovely piano melody, after which a nice soft R&B beat drops in together with Gummy’s vocals. I like her voice, it’s very suitable for the type of music she makes too. The track is neither a real ballad or midtempo song, it has a little of both, but I like the flow. The addition of some lone electric guitar riffs in the background is amazing as well.

The next track is unmistakenly a midtempo track and a pretty good one too. Because of You has a certain amount of emotion to it and a great melody in the chorus, which makes the song very easy on the ears. In the arrangement, the strings are the point of focus and very soft in contrast to the strong beat. This is the track for Gummy to prove she has a great vocal range.

I don’t know why but when 사랑은 없다 starts playing,the word that comes into mind is ‘swag’, this song has a great sense of energy in terms of R&B songs. The beat, electric guitar riffs, synths and synths mix very well together into this song with the best flow yet. I’m a big fan of songs with this heavy R&B sound.

남자라서 started out pretty funny if you asked me, but as soon as I figured out the flow of the song I really liked it. It’s the same kind of track like the previous, but this time the beat is accompanied by a piano melody and high synth riffs only. Those little synth accents every now and then is what makes the song so catchy. Gummy’s vocals are soft and harmonious in the verses, but powerful again in the chorus. Great balance in this track.

The special thing about 어떡해 is that the song is in triple time, a welcome surprise if you ask me. It’s a bit in the same style as Because of You since it’s a very slow and emotional sounding song, with a great role for the strings in the arrangement. Gummy’s vocals are very fragile at some points, as if she’s really breaking under pressure. Her most emotional performance yet together with the beautiful background vocals.

구세요 (feat. Bigtone) is already amazing for having a featured artist. The track itsself is a normal midtempo R&B track, but Bigtone’s parts almost add a little more of an island vibe of some kind. It has a very uplifting spirit, which is emphasized even more by Bigtone’s parts. Another track I really like.

Another great recommendation from one of my visitors (keep ’em coming guys!!), and another addition to my Korean music collection. I saw Gummy had a lot more albums in her discography and a Japanese debut mini-album as well, so I’ll be checking up on this girl in the future. R&B music is still my favorite, and Gummy really gave my ears some candy. There’s nothing more I can say, except RECOMMENDED.

Favorite tracks: 사랑은 없다 | 남자라서 | 어떡해 | 구세요 (feat. Bigtone)


5 stars



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  1. I noticed we have similar musical tastes. Do you just listen japanese and english music oi in other idioms too? I love listening in several other languages.

    • Yes I noticed that too, that’s so nice! I listen to almost everything; English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, several European languages too.

      • Тіна Кароль is a Ukrainian singer, I like this singer, she is amazing. –

        Her last album is “9 zhyzney (9 Lives)” and I RECOMMENDED. lol
        You can download the album here –

      • Thanks, I’ll give it a try. I’ve never listened to Ukrainian music before, mostly when I say European languages I mean Spanish or Italian, occassionally French or Dutch.
        Still, this gave me an idea (this morning at 5AM, lol). I’ll feature this album in a special review when I get back from the USA =)

  2. Yes, I understand lol, I like also this European languages. But I want to give you something new lol.

    Hope you have a good vacation!

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