BoA – Only One

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BoA – Only One

1. Only One
2. The Shadow
3. 네모난 바퀴 (Hope)
4. Not Over U
5. The Top
6. Mayday! Mayday! (너에게 닿기를 간절히 외치다)
7. One Dream (Feat. HENRY of Super Junior-M & KEY of SHINee)
8. Only One (Inst.)
9. The Shadow (Inst.)

♦ ♦ ♦

Only One is the seventh Korean album by South-Korean singer BoA, released on July 30, 2012.

Only One opens with a beautiful acoustic guitar, and it leads into a nice midtempo track with beautiful soothing vocals by BoA. It has some elements of R&B due to the synth riffs playing in the background, but the piano keeps things quite soft and sweet. I expected the song to be more uptempo, but what I got instead satisfies me just fine.

Instead, The Shadow is the first uptempo track in the style of her previous album Hurricane Venus: dance pop with an attitude, that’s how I like to describe it. BoA’s vocals are light as always, so are the strings, while the deep synths in the background make the track a little more mysterious and foreboding. I love it when she makes tracks like this one.

네모난 바퀴 (Hope) sounds like it could be produced by Ryan Tedder, it has his sound to it. The song is a beautiful  ballad that reminded me of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Already Gone’ at first, but it takes its own turn after a while. It appears BoA featured a power ballad on her new album as well, and her vocals are top notch in this track when she belts out her lyrics. I think this could easily my favorite track on the album.

I thought Not Over U would be another ballad, but after the acoustic guitar opens the track, a quick dance beat and agressive synth riffs blend in. The track has a lot of spice to it and could be one of the tracks with the most attitude to it when it comes to the arrangement, but despite being an enjoyable track it comes off as rather bland when placed right after 네모난 바퀴 (Hope). Still like it though.

The Top is a very short track, but takes on the same style as the other uptempo tracks on the album: dance pop with a lot of attitude to it. Although it’s one of the shortest tracks, I have to say I like this one even better than Not Over U, since BoA even featured her own little semi-rap part in the middle of the song.

Mayday! Mayday! (너에게 닿기를 간절히 외치다) is an R&B ballad led by an acoustic guitar, strings and a handclap beat. It’s one of those ballads that releases a bittersweet feeling if you know what I mean, but above all it’s the vocals that do the trick. The moving strings in the background created a springboard for BoA to give her most moving performance on this album yet, and her lead and the additional background vocals do that perfectly.

OMG IT’S HENRY AND KEY! One Dream (Feat. HENRY of Super Junior-M & KEY of SHINee) opens with a rap by both of the boys, set to a nice R&B beat with synths and an electric guitar almost silently in the background. BoA delivers the lighter vocals in the track, while HENRY and KEY makes it a little tougher. It’s such a shame this is the shortest track on the album, if you ask me this track should’ve been a full 4 minute track!

I was so surprised BoA planned to release a new Korean album, I found out only, like, an hour ago or something though her Twitter account (Far East Movement congratulated her with her new 7th album??) And ofcourse, naive as I am, started to look for a download instantly. I’m glad I did, for this album is the best thing she released in ages. Maybe not every track is an instant favorite, but at least every track is GOOD. There’s definitely a lot of production value to it, that’s easily recognizeable. RECOMMENDED.

Favorite tracks: Only One | The Shadow | 네모난 바퀴 (Hope) | Mayday! Mayday! (너에게 닿기를 간절히 외치다 | One Dream (Feat. HENRY of Super Junior-M & KEY of SHINee)


4½ stars



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  1. Yes. this album is amazing…

  2. Great album I have all the songs, except “Not Over U”. And “Only One”, and “MAYDAY MAYDAY” are my favorite ones. (If I had to pick). I love ’em all!

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