Hitomi Takahashi – PICORINPIN

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Hitomi Takahashi – PICORINPIN

1. Fire Ball
3. walkin’
4. Le Theatre du Grand-Guignol
5. 恋するピエロッティ (修学旅行 Ver.)
6. Poolside
7. Wo Ai Ni
8. Dilemma
9. neon sign
10. お天気雨

♦ ♦ ♦

PICORINPIN is the third studio album by Japanese singer Hitomi Takahashi, released on September 28, 2011. The album was released in two editions: a regular CD Only version and a limited CD+DVD version with the music video of “Fire Ball”.

This artist was requested by a visitor, I chose to review PICORINPIN because that’s Hitomi’s latest album (and I always like to start with the newest stuff to be honest, that’s just a little weird thing of mine).

Fire Ball is an amazingly energetic song, showing off Hitomi’s J-rock style perfectly. The electric guitar and Hitomi’s chanting at the very beginning managed to draw my attention. Her vocals are high pitched but appealing still. There’s a lot of repetition in the track itsself, but the arrangement and the electric guitar solo’s make things turn out right in the end and they make me really enjoy this track.

Electric guitar riffs start MUSIC, what seems to be her worst selling single to date (?). I don’t see why it should be a bad song, but it suffers from the same issues as the previous track. A lot of repetition and many instrumental parts, like the electric guitar solo.

walkin’ is the first song to follow a different direction and it sounds amazing! It’s more of a funky song with a little bounce to it, it’s almost like it combines rock and jazz together in this uplifting hybrid. Hitomi herself sounds pretty energetic too, she put a lot of effort in those vocals. I love the piano melody, kinda freestyle.

Le Thearte du Grand-Guignol made me expect some kind of circus interlude like Christina Aguilera’s ‘Back To Basics’, and I wasn’t completely wrong. The arrangement actually made me think of a 1920s circus, and Hitomi’s vocals sound very vintage and mysterious. Her singing could’ve been a little better but it’s just an interlude.

The next song brings back the energy from the first two tracks. 恋するピエロッティ (修学旅行 Ver.) surprised me by featuring both brassy elements between the electric guitar riffs and a male vocalist doing some adlibs every now and then. Vocally, Hitomi is putting all she got into this agressive track, but I bet she had fun recording this. If you ask me, this is one of the best tracks on the entire album.

I thought Poolside was going to be a ballad but DAMN this song is FAST o.O  It’s like ADHD… I mean, it’s a really good track… Once you get used to it. Anyway, that piano intro really caught me off guard but luckily it blends into the song quickly. The chorus has a nice melody, especially vocally in the case of Hitomi herself. The percussion in some parts is just… crazy.

Wo Ai Ni sounds different than the rest of the songs on this album in some way, perhaps for its use of synths in the arrangement. I like the little ‘question and answer’ segment between Hitomi and the electric guitar in the pre-choru. The male vocalist was a little out of place this time though.

Dilemma starts off interesting with a high pitched synth sound that drew my attention right away. Vocally this is Hitomi’s best track, a little soft but at least not too pitchy. When it comes to the track as a whole, and then especially the arrangement and melodies, this is also one of the best songs musically. Energetic again, but more memorable then some other songs.

The previous track featured some softer vocals from Hitomi, but in neon sign they are even softer and more harmonious because of some good harmonization with the higher background vocals. Vocally, this track is perfection. When it comes to the music, I can’t tell this song apart from any of the other songs, again it’s mainly percussion, bass and electric guitar. But not a bad song.

I’m sooooo sorry but I can’t seem to download お天気雨 anywhere!! It’s so weird but my download only provided me the first nine tracks and I searched all over the internet to find the last track, but it was nowhere to be found.. I’ll edit this part as soon as I get hold of it in the future!!

As far as I’m concerned, I like to say Hitomi is a good enough artist. Not someone I would listen to very often, but I’m pretty sure I’ll give her music a chance when I’m in the mood for it. It’s just too bad many of her songs sound alike when it comes to the arrangement, they all feature the same instruments (with some exceptions though). And I hate it that I can’t find the last trak anywhere, but I hope that will turn out right in the end. So basically I enjoyed this album, not too much, not too little. Can I say this is average without offending anyone..?

Favorite tracks: Fire Ball | walkin’ | 恋するピエロッティ (修学旅行 Ver.) | Dilemma | neon sign


3 stars



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  1. Ah! That’s a shame that you couldn’t find the last song! It’s actually my favorite of the album. (Though it sounds a bit like “Poolside”).

    Anyhow, thanks for reviewing this! You didn’t offend me at all. xD

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