The Notebook

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The Notebook

Released: June 25, 2004
Running time: 123 minutes
Category: romantic drama

With: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands, James Marsden a.o.

In the present, a man who goes by the name of ‘Duke’ reads a romantic love story from his notebook to one of his fellow patients in a nursing home. The story is about two young people: Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton.

Noah and Allie meet in June 1940 at a funfair in Seabrook Island, South Carolina. Noah, a local country boy, is immediately smitten when he sees the 17-year-old rich girl Allie, and he repeatedly asks her to go on a date with him. Allie continues to show she’s not interested, until their friends bring them together. From that moment on, they share an idyllic summer love affair. But their happiness suddently disappears one night when Noah’s friend Fin interrupts them while Noah and Allie try to make love for the first time: Allie’s parents and the police are looking for her. When Allie gets home, her disapproving parents ban her from seeing Noah, whom they call ‘trash’. Allie has a fight with her parents, then with Noah, and she breaks up with him. She immediately regrets her decision, but Noah leaves heartbroken in his car.

The next day, Allie is set to leave Seabrook Island to head back to her home town Charleston. Noah is left behind, he writes her one letter a day, for an entire year. Never comes the reply, for Allie’s mother intercepts the letters. Then, World War II starts..

This is one of the best films I’ve ever seen, I LOVE THE NOTEBOOK OKAY. I’m a big fan of romantic movies, but this one has something specil not many other movies have. First, there’s a sense of mystery around Duke and the old woman. Who are they? The movie script was written in such a way that you keep wondering what happens next. Will Noah and Allie ever get back together again or not?
Second, it might sound really strange but there are some recognizeable bits and pieces for me personally, and that releases a certain bittersweet feeling. Let’s just keep it at that, but it drags me into the story even more.
Last but not least, there’s RYAN GOSLING ❤ Damn, when I first saw him appear on screen as the young Noah, my heart skipped a beat. I admit it: he’s my celebrity crush. It’s kinda like the crush I had on Wentworth Miller’s Prison Break character Michael Scofield, about five years ago. If you don’t fall in love with that smile instantly, you’re nuts. Except when you’re a guy haha.
This film is amazing, and one of my new all time favorites as well. Rachel McAdams plays an amazing Allie, who is so likeable and pretty. You come to hate her mother, love the country life Noah and his family live and get plunged into 1940s America, including the 1940s jazz music. I have to stop talking or I’ll go into my fangirl mode. WHOOO.


(0:21 – 0:38 omg <3)


5 stars


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