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July 16, 2012 at 1:43 PM | Posted in !Random! | 11 Comments

Hi y’all!

So everyone knows it’s summer (doh). And what does that mean? Well, probably a lot of people will leave on vacation, and I’m no exception. In two weeks, my lazy *ss will be at Miami Beach! And Key West… and Clearwater… Naples… Orlando… FLORIDA BABY. So anyway, in these next two weeks I will continue to review like I always have: when I have the time and whatever I feel like.

I realize I’m not always keeping things up to date when it comes to all new releases, I’m skipping a lot of things but then again there’s a lot of new music I don’t know yet. And that’s where I need your help. If you have any music, artists or whatever that isn’t already featured on Music Addiction, please leave a comment and I’ll check it out asap. I’d like my visitors to be involved with MA ofcourse. So any recommandations are always welcome, actually I’d love to see some. Besides those, I will continue my review style what now seems more like an ‘era-reviewing’ style, but it’s something I enjoy very much.

Thanks in advance and have a great summer!

~ Jade



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  1. I’m not sure she’s your type of singer, but Takahashi Hitomi has always been a favorite of mine! (It’s a shame too, since she recently quit the music business…)

    Anyway, hope you have a good vacation! I frequent your site quite regularly!

    • Hi, thank you for the tip! I just listened to her song Aozora no Namida and it sounds pretty cool! Also, thank you for your positive feedback, I hope my posts will keep inspiring you to visit my blog =D

  2. I’m not sure she’s your type of singer, but I like sakai ayumi and I love the album “Precious”. ( What you think about the album? and your RATING?

    • Downloading the album right now and I will give it a try TODAY ^^ Thank you for the tip!

    • Ugh, the download required a password I didn’t have and I can’t seem to dowload the album elsewhere… Any idea where to find it? I was so enthousiastic to try out her music 😦

      • Hi. You can download Here –

      • That was the download that required the password, but thank you anyway. I FINALLY found all the songs elsewhere and I’ll be working on the review as soon as possible ^^

      • Download Here – don’t have password!!!

  3. I hope you like this singer Clare Maguire –
    I love the album, she is amazing…
    You can download the album here –

  4. Gummy (거미) is a Korean R&B/Pop singer.
    I love this mini – album “LOVELESS” –

    You can download Here –

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