Koda Kumi – feel my mind

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Koda Kumi – feel my mind

1. Break it down
2. Crazy 4 U
3. Rock Your Body
4. Rain
5. Without Your Love
6. Talk to you
8. Get Out The Way
9. Sweet love…
10. Gentle Words
11. magic
13. 夢 with You (R. Yamaki’s Groove Mix)

♦ ♦ ♦

feel my mind is the third studio album by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on February 18, 2004. The album reached #7 on the Oricon charts and charted for 35 weeks, selling 147,746 copies.

In my opinion, Break it down is not a very good opening track. Usually Kumi has an introduction track on her albums, but this is a full track instead. It should’ve been shorter, then it would be good. The urban feel is rather catchy at first, but it sounds dated for a 2004 track and there’s not much variation.

Luckily, Crazy 4 U is the song to save the day. I love this song, it shows off her new ero-kakkoi sex appeal. Kumi’s vocals are top notch, so much more enjoyable than in the first track, and I love the groovy and uplifting sound the song has.

Rock Your Body sounds really sexy bringing up the tribal and ethnic feel with the percussion. The acoustic guitar plays an important role in the arrangement this time, which works really well with the tribal percussion. Kumi herself throws some energy into the track as well, even the male vocalist isn’t at all useless.

I found the melody of the acoustic guitar leading into Rain a little awkward at first, but then I got used to it and I really liked it. This track is a beautiful ballad, one of the best she ever sung if you ask me. The high notes in the chorus might be a little too high for her to sing comfortably, but she pulls it off just right. Kuu delivers an emotional vocal performance, fitting the overall powerful and yet dramatic ambience of the song.

Being a track on the Gentle Words single, I was surprised by how much I liked Without Your Love. It’s such an interesting song due to the brassy elements in the chorus and a bit of tribal percussion, and it shows so much attitude from Kuu’s side. Come to think of it, why wasn’t this track released as an A-side?

Talk to you displays a more laid back urban sound, but I’m not a fan of Kuu’s vocals this time, they’re a little too high for her own comfort. You can hear she’s borderline failing. Other than that, the chorus draws my attention imediately after a dry verse. The melody in the chorus is so pretty it surpasses the rest of the song. Decent enough track.

is pretty much the ballad that doesn’t seem to attract me. In any way. I mean, it’s a nice track, it has a certain amount of power to it, but it’s just ‘there’. Most of the time, a song has a recurring melody that’s pretty easy to remember, but even while I’m listening to the track it doesn’t make sense to me as being a recognizeable melody. In other words, it’s all over the place.

I don’t know why but the title of Get Out The Way reminds me of the line “Mooove b*tch, get out the wayyy !!” xD  The song has a rather nice bass and synth line and kind of bombastic feel to it, but only in the minimal sense of the word. It becomes pretty catchy, but it takes a while. It’s like Talk yo you, a decent song.

Sweet love… may not be the ballad I though it was gonna be, but still it’s a mellow midtempo track. Not the best track on the album, but it certainly is appealing, especially the chorus. It’s not exciting or anything, just pretty relaxed and I’m in love with that piano melody ❤

Guess we’re staying in the mellow part of the album, because Gentle Words is the next track. I always liked it for some reason, and it’s also a lot better than Sweet love… . The combination of urban music with sitar sounds is amazing, and being the #10 track on the album it comes out so much better than on the single.

Wow, gosh Kuu’s lower range in magic is amazing. It’s so low, and still perfectly in key. It’s funny this song actually has a magical feel to it, being a slow paced song with little bells and waterdrops in the background. It may sound a little dated (like late 90s stuff) but I’d pick this over any time. Amazing ballad.

COME WITH ME is what I call the ‘summer single of the ‘feel my mind’ era’. It’s one of her funkiest songs ever, with a lot of brassy instruments throughout the song and very energetic vocals. At first I found this track very cheesy, but now it’s one of my favorites and I’m totally tapping my toes to this one.

I totally hated 夢 With You on the ‘Crazy 4 U’ single, but thank god 夢 With You (R. Yamaki’s Groove Mix) is a bit better than that. Kuu’s vocals get overpowered by the music and she sounds pretty dull, but the overall arrangement is sooo much better. I still wouldn’t say I love this track now, I’m just glad they used a better version if they had to put an extra track on the album.

I never paid much attention to feel my mind, I knew it existed but it was just kinda ‘there’, you know. Now that I actually did pay attention to every single detail on the album, I have to say it’s better than I expected. The tracks are the good old ‘hit or miss’ story, but there were more hits than misses. Only one part of the album, track #6 to #8, wasn’t the best, the rest of the album was very nice. Kumi and her team dreamed up some new amazing songs for this album and put on it some of her coolest singles. I’m very satisfied!

Favorite tracks: Crazy 4 U | Rock Your Body | Rain | Without Your Love | Gentle Words | magic | COME WITH ME


4 stars


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