Covers and tracklist for Koda Kumi’s ‘Beach Mix’ released

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Artist: Koda Kumi
Album: Beach Mix
Release Date: 2012.08.01
Price: ¥2,940 (CD+DVD) / ¥2,000 (CD Only) / ¥2,000 (PLAYBUTTON)

~CD Tracklist~
1. Watchu Waitin’ On?
2. KO-SO-KO-SO [Prog5 Remix]
3. Bling Bling Bling feat. AK-69 [Electro Rave Allstars Remix]
4. Hey baby! [FUTURE HOUSE UNITED Remix]
5. V.I.P. feat. T-Pain [Sunset In Ibiza Remix]
6. POP DIVA [KOZMR Remix Lucas Valentine]
7. BE MY BABY [4 Skips Remix]
8. NO TRICKS [Shohei Matsumoto & Junichi Matsuda Remix]
9. Heat feat. MEGARYU [REO Remix]
10. キューティーハニー [HABANERO POSSE REMIX]
11. D.D.D. feat. SOULHEAD [Pink Chameleons Remix]
12. COME WITH ME [Overhead Champion Remix]
13. Twinkle [R-midwest Remix]
14. Lick me ♥ [Floorbreaker Remix]
15. Cherry Girl [Sunset In Ibiza Remix]
16. TABOO [KOZMR Remix スグル・ヤマモト™]

~DVD Tracklist~
1. Watchu Waitin’ On? MUSIC VIDEO
2. Watchu Waitin’ On? MAKING VIDEO
3. a-nation&Rhythm Nation BEST SELECTION:

  1. a-nation’03 COME WITH ME
  2. a-nation’05 キューティーハニー
  3. a-nation’05 real Emotion (First recording)
  4. Rhythm Nation’06 D.D.D. (First recording)
  5. Rhythm Nation’06 運命
  6. Rhythm Nation’06 人魚姫
  7. Rhythm Nation’06 Cherry Girl (First recording)
  8. a-nation’07 girls (First recording)
  9. a-nation’08 Lady Go!
  10. a-nation’08 Moon Crying
  11. a-nation’08 FREAKY
  12. a-nation’09 Lick me♥ (First recording)
  13. a-nation’09 ECSTASY
  14. a-nation’10 Lollipop
  15. a-nation’10 UNIVERSE
  16. a-nation’11 BE MY BABY
  17. a-nation’11 Bling Bling Bling

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