alan – Love Song

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alan – Love Song

1. ~水晶蓮~ intro
2. 鳳凰
3. 以愛相宜
4. Love Song
5. Ian Ian
6. 長大
7. 我回來了
8. 孤獨的天份
9. 經過南青山
10. 窗外
12. Love Song ~きっともう一度~ (Japanese Version)

♦ ♦ ♦

Love Song is the third Chinese album by Tibetan singer alan, released on June 18, 2012.

~水晶蓮~ intro is one of her signature epic intros again, this time mixing Arabian and Asian sounds, which sounds pretty funny. But it’s appealing all the same.

alan’s vocals appear to e more mature in Chinese if you ask me. 鳳凰 is already one of my favorites due to its pretty harp and harmonious ambience. I like the soft R&B beat in the song, and the arrangement builds up near the end with alan’s beautiful wailing in the background and an electric guitar solo.

以愛相宜 is the first ballad and it takes its time to actually appeal to me, but in the end it’s still a good song. alan uses her high head voice during the end and I love it when she really belts out her lyrics.

The title song Love Song is a bit like 鳳凰, the overall sound is pretty peaceful thanks to the piano and strings, and it’s a midtempo song. Again a good beat and the electric guitar solo come in to add more power to the song. I love it.

Ian Ian deserves to be called the song with the most appealing arrangement. It mixes the perfect beat with elements like both the acoustic and electric guitar, something I really like in a song. alan shows off her beautiful harmonious vocals again. The introduction is better than the rest of the song, but still it’s one of the best on the album.

長大 reminds me a bit of the song ‘Butterflies’ from alan’s second Japanese album ‘my life’, probably due to the dominant harp sound. Though I prefer this song over ‘Butterflies’, it has more of an instrumental build-up towards the end. alan’s vocals blend perfectly with the background vocals.

One of the best power ballads I’ve ever heard is 我回來了, mostly dominated by piano and strings, which become stronger after the first chorus. When percussion and the electric guitar blend in, I’m surprised by what alan is capable of. Her own vocals are at their best too, using her lovely high chest voice again during the belting.

孤獨的天份 has the prettiest melody of all the songs on the album. It’s quite a peaceful song, which is fine with me after the strong ballad that 我回來了 was. Being mostly piano, strings and soft percussion, it has a nice flow although the song comes off as being a little simplistic.

經過南青山 has a more mysterious sound to it due to the individual low violin melody and heavy drums in the background. The guitar plucking after the chorus is pretty awesome since it doesn’t appear anywhere else on the album, but the vocoder went a little too far in the second verse (like… was that really necessary with an organic souding song like this?).

窗外 starts off peacefully, but then the chanting that followed cracked me up xD  What the hell was she singing… Anyway, I was right about the song being peaceful since it’s one of the slowest on the album and the one that reminds me of her roots the most. The male background vocals later in the song were plain ugly. Sorry.And such a shame since the song is so pretty (I’m sorry I find this the funniest song as well xD)

The first song off the album I heard was BABY BABY. It opens with an agressive synth line but then I’m surprised the song is not dance/pop at all. It’s a cute, happy song with a very appealing melody and arrangement. One of the happiest actually.

Love Song ~きっともう一度~ is the Japanese version of Love Song, and I have to say her vocals sound very different in this language. In Japanese this song sounds just as pretty as in Chinese, but if I have to pick one, I’d prefer the Chinese version.

I’m so surprised about this album being so GOOD. In fact, it’s awesome. I always like Japanese music over Chinese (or Korean), but alan made me change my mind and made me give her Chinese music more listens. And all thanks to this album. There wasn’t a single song on it I hated, maybe one or two that didn’t appeal to me as much as the rest of the songs but I must say I’m proud of alan to leave her ayufication behind and return to her more epic and harmonious music. I’m cheering right now!

Favorite songs: 鳳凰 | Love Song | Ian Ian | 長大 | 我回來了 | BABY BABY | Love Song ~きっともう一度~


4½ stars


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  1. I like your review on Alan’s latest Chinese album. After departing from the Japanese music scene a while back, I’ve been hearing her music a lot but I was craving for more of her. I knew she sang in Chinese as well but I never really like Chinese music with the exception of a few from Faye Wong but thats it. When I heard she released a new album in 2013 in Chinese, I wanted to check it out. I agree with you, she sounds just as good, if not better, this time around. I actually want to give Chinese music a second chance and this is the album that got me into it. I think its because when I hear its language, it comes across as in grating on my ears but alan’s vocals and choice of melodic music captivates me. One japanese song on this album only but the rest makes up for it by her sounding at her best! I can’t believe she didn’t make it to the Chinese X-factor final 12….sheesh, what a letdown!

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