Ayumi Hamasaki – AUDIENCE

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Ayumi Hamasaki – AUDIENCE

1. AUDIENCE “Dave Ford Mix”
2. SURREAL “Simple MadnesS Remix”
3. AUDIENCE “Keith Litman’s Radio Mix”
4. AUDIENCE “Feelin’ U Mix”
6. SURREAL “Paranoid Android Mix”
7. AUDIENCE “Scud Formant Mix”
8. AUDIENCE “HΛL’s Mix 2000”
9. AUDIENCE “Dub’s Floor Remix Transport 004”
10. AUDIENCE “Dave Ford Mix -Instrumental-”
11. SEASONS “Vocal Track”

AUDIENCE is the eighteenth single by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, released on November 1, 2000. It was a recut single from her third studio album Duty, and was limited to 300,000 copies. This single reached #2 on the Oricon charts and sold 268,110 copies in 2000, becoming the #98 single of the year. It charted for eight weeks and sold a total of 292,950 copies.

AUDIENCE “Dave Ford Mix” is actually the album version but w/e. It took me some time to like this song and I’m still a bit on the fence with it since I loved album tracks like ‘SCAR’ more than this one. It’s just a mixture between dance beats and rock elements, although I love the electric guitar solo in the bridge. The chorus is not very special at all, but not completely unenjoyable. Maybe this song still has something I like.

Finally a SURREAL remix, there wasn’t any on its own single and I thought that was kinda strange. But then SURREAL “Simple MadnesS Remix” is pretty hot, although it can become quite a mess at some points, but then a hot mess if you please. It’s fast, and I like the way the music sounds with Ayu’s first verse. The percussion is what attracts me most, very tribal against an agressive synth arrangement.

AUDIENCE “Keith Litman’s Radio Mix” is  bit mainstream and it sounds almost exactly like the original (except or some more synths and instrumental parts), but it’s quite nice and interesting. In some ways it might be even better than the original since it doesn’t have those awkward transitions.

AUDIENCE “Feelin’ U Mix” starts off with an issue: overrepeated parts of lyrics. Then when you get used to it the thing can be quite catchy, mostly due to the fast beat, the synths and the way the piano melody works around this arrangement (nice addition too). Not the best, but not the worst too.

The next remix is one of the few remixes that I remember while the last time I listened to this single was more than a year ago. AUDIENCE “GENIUS ROCK Big Beat Remix” has a rather strange arrangement at some points with some weird pitched instrument, there are some tempo issues between the singing and music and it just doesn’t work at all. The guitar riffs are nicely added, but it doesn’t save this mix.

I love the way SURREAL “Paranoid Android Mix” kicks off with soft strings but then explodes into a hybrid of loud echoed percussion and synths. It’s like the biggest and most agressive electronica mix ever, whoever mixed this is a complete genius because this totally honors the energy of the original song.

The fast synths opening AUDIENCE “Scud Formant Mix” are very nice, it gives the original song a very different twist. It’s a lot faster, but the synths make it unforgettable and very enjoyable. I don’t really like the echoes, but that’s about it. Nothing else can ruin this track for me so it’s quite cool for a remix.

Another remix from HΛL, I’m getting used to it. AUDIENCE “HΛL’S MIX 2000” is quite common by now, and it’s not very original for it combines different elements from previous remixes, like the original arrangement and the echoes from the previous remix. The only thing I like are the extended synths, it reminds me too much of the original (but that’s a good track, sooo… benefit of the doubt).

AUDIENCE “Dub’s Floor Remix Transport 004” is the longest remix on the single, but it’s the one that bores me the least of all. Strange huh? But it’s amazing to hear how the original beat founds its way in this altogether new arrangement. The extended instrumental parts are very catchy and there’s definitely nothing wrong with an 8 minute long remix. Talking about your change of mind..

Being the last single from the Duty era, this was a breath of fresh air after the release of the SURREAL single. The AUDIENCE remixes may not all be perfect, but a lot of them were pretty close and even the new remixes for SURREAL were awesome. Now only the ‘I am’ era is left and I’m soooo done with these ass long singles, DAMN.


4 stars


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