Snow White and the Huntsman

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Snow White and the Huntsman

Released: June 1, 2012
Running time: 127 minutes
Category: action, fantasy

With: Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Spruell, Sam Caflin a.o.

Snow White is the beautiful princess of Tabor, with raven black hair, a skin white as snow and lips red as a rose. After her mother dies, her father, King Magnus, marries Ravenna, a beautiful woman he saved from the Dark Army. After she becomes his wife, Ravenna turns out to be a the Dark Army’s master, a malicious woman in search of power and eternal youth, by drawing the younth from young women through her Magic Mirror. On their wedding night, Ravenna kills King Magnus and prepares to take over the kingdom. The young Snow White is being locked away in the North Tower.

Fifteen years later, Ravenna finds out that Snow White’s beauty has surpassed her own, and she must consume the girl’s heart to obtain eternal youth and beauty. She orders her brother, Finn, to bring her Snow White, but Snow White escapes into the Dark Forest where they ultimately lose her trail. Furious, Ravenna sends for the Huntsman, a man who once lost his wife and is still grieving. Ravenna promises to bring his wife back if the Huntsman gives her Snow White’s heart. If he refuses, he will be executed.
What Ravenna doesn’t know, is that Snow White and the Huntsman form a pact with seven dwarves to undo the kingdom of her malicious power.

Although there were some minor problems with the story (the scene with the apple was pasted in very badly, there wasn’t any logic in it), Snow White and the Huntsman is an amazing movie. It features beautiful special effects in the first place, especially Ravenna’s Magic Mirror and Snow White’s illusions in the Dark Forest. Creepy, but cool.
The acting was the pinnacle of the movie, with Kristen Stewart as the biggest surprise. She managed to obtain a nearly flawless British accent (probably thanks to RPatz?), and she finally got rid of her Bella face: she actually shows some emotion in this movie and her acting is top notch. Charlize Theron plays a frightening Ravenna, her anger is very convincing and she scared the hell out of me. Chris Hemsworth surpassed his Thor imagine in my opinion by playing the rugged but attractive huntsman, who also appears to have an unexpected softer side to him. Chris contrasted the emotion and agression perfectly, resulting in a very strong character.
I LOVE THIS MOVIE, it’s a real recommendation!



5 stars


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