Kalafina – sprinter / ARIA

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Kalafina – sprinter / ARIA

1. sprinter
3. oblivious ~instrumental~

sprinter / ARIA is the second single by Japanese group Kalafina (and the only one to feature four members), released on July 30, 2008. The single reached #10 on the Oricon weekly charts charted for 8 weeks and sold 23,309 copies.

New member HIKARU opens sprinter and she obviously has a much higher voice than KEIKO and WAKANA. I like her voice less than WAKANA’s, but she has a very nice vibrato. The song itsself is very fast and consists of some pretty heavy electric guitar parts and loud percussion while the girls harmonize beautifully. I think I hear other one-time member MAYA here somewhere as well, but she’s not well represented on the single since it’s the only one she’s on. This is one of Kalafina’s heavier songs that I really like.

ARIA is a more peaceful song, mostly the arrangement is just a xylophone-ish instrument in the beginning, with HIKARU opening again (damn she stepped rigth into the spotlights didn’t she). This song features more of the epic harmonizing that the girls do in some of their songs, and I love how the rest of the instruments build around the base with percussion and violins. The vocals in the chorus are very strong (probably WAKANA but MAYA must be somewhere in here as well), I think I like this one over sprinter but just slightly.

Their second single was even better than their first when it comes to the music and the vocals, although it’s a real shame I couldn’t hear MAYA that well. HIKARU had a lot of parts in both the songs and she has a very distictive voice, while KEIKO and WAKANA were mostly background this time. Their epic harmonizing in ARIA was amazing and it was a nice mysterious song while sprinter was more on the heavy side. So: best of both worlds!


5 stars

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