Kalafina – oblivious

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Kalafina – oblivious

1. oblivious
2. 君が光に変えて行く
3. 傷跡

oblivious is the debut single by Japanese group Kalafina (that included vocals by KEIKO and WAKANA only), released on January 23, 2008. The single reached #8 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 24 weeks, selling 38,695 copies.

I love how WAKANA’s operatic tone opens oblivious, it already gives the song a very epic feel. KEIKO and WAKANA always sound very good together with WAKANA singing in her high soprano voice and KEIKO in her lower pitch. It’s mostly WAKANA though. Yuki did a great job on the music, it’s very rocky and I really enjoyed the heavy electric guitar parts. Impressive first track.

君が光に変えて行く is an interesting B-side. WAKANA opens the song, but KEIKO has more parts here than in oblivious as well. A piano plays during the entire first part of the song until right after the first chorus, when percussion, violins and electric guitars drop in. The tempo has been kept very slow, but to me it comes off more as dramatic rather than emotional (probably because of the amazing background choir at some points). It takes some time for the song to build up, but then it becomes quite a pretty track. Still lacking a bit though.

Another B-side is 傷跡 (and yet all three tracks would appear on their first album). This song is quite unique, it has a sort of fairytale quality, especially in the chorus. To me, it’s one of the prettiest Kalafina songs, when it comes to both vocals and arrangement. An amazing use of the violins, a soft piano melody in the verses and percussion, while WAKANA and KEIKO harmonize beautifully. KEIKO’s vocals are not as light and smooth as WAKANA’s, but she’s done a great job as well. Another very epic song.

For a debut single, Kalafina’s was reaaaally good. It features two of their best songs in my opinion, being oblivious and 傷跡, although 君が光に変えて行く wasn’t a bad song either. I know Kalafina for their epic songs and their beautiful mix of rock and operatic themes, sometimes they even remind me of a softer version of Within Temptation. But ofcourse I’ll pick Kalafina over them anytime, also because I have known their music for a couple of years already and I’ve become a huge fan with the release of Red Moon. But that’ll come later, their first single was a blast, seriously.


4½ stars

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