Kyarypamyupamyu – Pamyupamyu Revolution

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Kyarypamyupamyu – Pamyupamyu Revolution

1. Pamyu Pamyu Revolution
2. Tsukema Tsukeru
4. Minna no Uta
5. Kyary ANAN
7. Drinker
8. Onedari 44°C
9. Suki Sugite Kire Sou
10. Girigiri Safe
11. Oyasumi
12. Chan Chaka Chan Chan

♦ ♦ ♦

Pamyupamyu Revolution is the debut studio album by Japanese singer Kyarypamyupamyu, released on May 23, 2012. The album debuted at #1 on the Oricon Daily Charts and sold approximately 50,163 copies during the first four days of sale.

So right now I think I´m gonna endulge myself in 47 minutes of pure happycore. Pamyu Pamyu Revolution is a very cute intro with some kind of glockenspiel sound, Kyary doesn’t really sing, she just kept it at singing ‘lalala’ with her high pitched voice. This introduction represents the album so I guess I was right about the overly cute ambience.

The sound from the intro works right into Tsukema Tsukeru, the first A-side of the album. If I just shut off my judgement about her vocals (she can’t really sing well, let’s be honest), I can enjoy this song pretty much if I’m in the right mood for it. It’s really interesting, I like the bells, the fast beat and the synths form a great contrast with the cuteness of the song.

Here we go again: PON PON way way way, PON PON way PON way PON PON…! PONPONPON was the lead single from her previous mini-album and I remember both loving and hating it for one and the same reason: it’s soooooo damn catchy. The inclusion of this song on another album has everything to do with the popularity, I’m sure. But no wonder, I can go dancing on this tune all day long. Guilty pleasure? Oh yeah..

Minna no Uta starts in a rather interesting way, it’s like PONPONPON part 2 because she even says those words in this song. It’s almost like a new theme for Mario Bros. or something, but then the harmonica in the chorus makes it all the more unique to me. It’s fun how some loud percussion sounds play around with her saying ‘PONPONPONPON’ in different ways. Even better: I noticed none of the vocal effects she uses a lot in her songs: pure Kyary!

Kyary ANAN is a loooot faster than the previous songs, and the background vocals just keep repeating ‘ah ah ah, pamyu pamyu, ah ah ah, kyaryyy pamyu pamyu’. To be honest, it’s more background vocals then Kyary actually singing her own lyrics, so I’ll just see this as a long interlude xD One nice thing: the Arabian influence in the middle of the song.

Again no vocoder in CANDY CANDY. About this time this song is a bit meh to me because I recognize a lot of her other songs in it: high pitched instruments, medium uptempo and a lot of repetition in the lyrics. Almost reminds me of a watered down PONPONPON.

Drinker actually has a really nice flow to it, a bit funky with that cool percussion opening and the synths working around it. After all those uptempo dance songs, this one is actually quite laid back and I even like Kyary’s vocals a lot more in this song. There is a certain amount of repetition when it comes to the title words, but that’s actually what makes this song catchy as hell.

A rather interesting and fast paced song is Onedari 44°C. It was a promotional track for the album, but it’s way too unique on the album to fullfill that spot if you ask me. It’s fun, a bit quircky even, and it could even serve as another guilty pleasure on this album. I really like the saxophone in this song, although Kyary herself made it a little Nian Cat during the last part. Good track though.

Suki Sugite Kire Sou then features more of the same old instruments on this album. It’s fast, has a lot of high pitched synths playing and some cool piano notes. I kinda like her ‘I love you, I love you‘ lines in the chorus, but tbh this song doesn’t offer much unique material when compared to some other tracks. It’s also a bit too long at 5:20.

A song in the style of Pamyu Pamyu Revolution is Girigiri Safe, but it distincts itsself  by the use of the sounds of whistling, which is quite cheerful. It’s a really happy and cute song, and I was also very surprised it had some cool Asian  influences here and there. Nakata did a good job on the synths.

Am I entering a circus or what? At least, that’s what Oyasumi sounds like. A circus bedtime song. With Kyary singing out of key. Yeah, just play this for the Japanese babies out there, maybe they can dig it but I don’t think I can. This is even too cute for Kyary, the instrumental part makes me burst out it heavy laughter xD

Chan Chaka Chan Chan has a funky title, and the song itsself is very uptempo as well. It’s quite a random track, maybe even a bit filler because they incorporated the melodies of songs like PONPONPON, CANDY CANDY and Tsukema Tsukeru, but on the other hand it’s quite fun to see how three of the most well known songs of the album made their way into this track. A real closer to the album, since Kyary is constantly singing ‘see you see you see you again, see you see you see you next time‘. Maybe not a bad track after all.

I’m totally not a fan of Kyary, but she made a decent album if you ask me. It’s definitely not for the masses, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but I would definitely give some of the songs on this album a try if you either dig that happycore style or if you are in a really happycore mood yourself xD  It took me some time to get used to Kyary’s style and voice, but then I could appreciate her work a little more. She’s definitely not the best singer out there, but she’s unique and that’s made very clear on this album. Pretty good.

Favorite tracks: Tsukema Tsukeru | PONPONPON | Drinker | Onedari 44°C | Girigiri Safe | Chan Chaka Chan Chan


3½ stars

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