Exams O_O

May 8, 2012 at 11:47 AM | Posted in !Random! | Leave a comment

Yep, that’s right. My exams are coming up and I’m not liking this at ALL. I know I’ve been working towards this for the past six years (Dutch high school lasts six years instead of four, freshman year and senior year are included as well), and now it’s here and I’m becoming a bit nervous now. My exams will be from May 14 to May 31, and on June 14 I’ll know whether I graduated or not. But oh well, my grades are good so I have to screw up big time to end up not graduated.
The subjects for my exams are Dutch, History of the Arts, History, Mathematics, Geography, English, Economics and French. As you can see no Science shit because we have the opportunity to choose our subjects in 10th grade and I chose all of the above instead haha =D

What does this all mean for Music Addiction? Well, since it’s about the most important period in my entire school career, it probably means I will spend more time studying than writing new posts. I gave you a host of posts today, I will probably add a few more when I have the time, but I do not always have that time. Right now, I’m gonna focus on my exams BIG TIME or I’ll be forever depressed for not graduating this year. So I don’t know when, what or how many posts… You’ll see me around and if not, I’ll be back in three weeks already so that’s not a huge deal right?

Wish me luck =|



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