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Yep, that’s right. My exams are coming up and I’m not liking this at ALL. I know I’ve been working towards this for the past six years (Dutch high school lasts six years instead of four, freshman year and senior year are included as well), and now it’s here and I’m becoming a bit nervous now. My exams will be from May 14 to May 31, and on June 14 I’ll know whether I graduated or not. But oh well, my grades are good so I have to screw up big time to end up not graduated.
The subjects for my exams are Dutch, History of the Arts, History, Mathematics, Geography, English, Economics and French. As you can see no Science shit because we have the opportunity to choose our subjects in 10th grade and I chose all of the above instead haha =D

What does this all mean for Music Addiction? Well, since it’s about the most important period in my entire school career, it probably means I will spend more time studying than writing new posts. I gave you a host of posts today, I will probably add a few more when I have the time, but I do not always have that time. Right now, I’m gonna focus on my exams BIG TIME or I’ll be forever depressed for not graduating this year. So I don’t know when, what or how many posts… You’ll see me around and if not, I’ll be back in three weeks already so that’s not a huge deal right?

Wish me luck =|


Koda Kumi – real Emotion / 1000の言葉

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Koda Kumi – real Emotion / 1000の言葉

1. real Emotion
2. 1000の言葉
3. real Emotion (Instrumental)
4. 1000の言葉 (Instrumental)

real Emotion / 1000の言葉 is the seventh single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on March 5, 2003. real Emotion was used as the theme song to the game Final Fantasy X-2, while 1000の言葉 was used in a cut scene in the same game. The single reached #3 on the Oricon charts and charted for 28 weeks. It is her first top 10 single. The single sold 281,379 units in 2003 and it became the #24 single of the year.

I really can’t imagine a song like real Emotion being the theme song to something like Final Fantasy X-2, but oh well. Despite that, it’s quite a good song. It’s more on the pop/dance side again, but the crazy electric guitar solo in the bridge really made me feel it. The line ‘What can I do for you‘ tends to irritate me after a while because it’s repeated sooo often, but the rest of the song really has a great vibe to it.

1000の言葉 is without a doubt both one of Kuu’s most famous as one of her best songs. I think she’s great for ballads, so she shows off these skills she has for ballads very well. Some say she overexaggerates her vocals, but to me it’s more like she puts a lot of emotion in her singing. The music for this track is very pretty with a soft beat, lots of strings and a cute little acoustic guitar solo. The piano in the background is really soothing. I have loved this song from the start and can’t stop loving it ^^

So we had two completely different tracks here, real Emotion being the uptempo track with the dance vibe and 1000の言葉 as the soothing and yet very emotional ballad track. Both tracks fit very well on the same single to give it a great contrast (I have a thing for that), and both have an individual value. I’m so glad they both appear on Kuu’s second studio album (which is coming up next ofcourse)! Damn this has been a good era.


4½ stars

Koda Kumi – m·a·z·e

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Koda Kumi – m·a·z·e

1. m·a·z·e
2. one
3. m·a·z·e (L12 Remix)

m·a·z·e  is the sixth single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on December 11, 2002. The single reached #25 on the Oricon charts and charted for 5 weeks. This single sold 7,713 units in it’s first week and the most recent figures show that it has sold a total of 12,816 units.

Wow, m·a·z·e is so different from the tracks on her previous single. love across the ocean was all about dance, but this track is really smooth R&B. It still features that older ‘turn of the century’ R&B style like some of her tracks on her first album, but I quite like it and her vocals sound very good as well. The beat is deep and is accompanied by strings, and everything combined just gives you that bombastic R&B feel.

one follows the same musical pattern as m·a·z·e, but it’s a lot sexier and relies much more on synths raher than strings. There was a random rap section by an unknown female (unknown to me at least), and although this song is perfect for a rap section by a collab artist, the lines were a little uninspired. Still the rest of the song makes me like this one so much more than the A-side to be honest.

Damn, just damn. Although m·a·z·e (L12 Remix) is a little laid back, it’s so hot. VERBAL and Imai Daisuke did a great job mixing this song and giving it a great R&B beat with a very deep bass sound. They even did additional vocals and raps on this song, which took m·a·z·e to a whole new level.

Kuu was still a bit searching for a signature style that was comfortable for her I guess, but she found it with m·a·z·e. Her music used to be all poppy and dance, but now she found she can obtain her ‘sexy image’ with this R&B style. It totally suits her as an artist, and m·a·z·e was just the first step towards the amazing career that followed thanks to her sexier image.


4½ stars

Koda Kumi – love across the ocean

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Koda Kumi – love across the ocean

1. love across the ocean
2. the meaning of peace
3. So Into You (Dub’s Electro Remix)
4. love across the ocean (Instrumental)
5. the meaning of peace (Instrumental)

love across the ocean is the fifth single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on July 24, 2002. The single reached #19 on the Oricon charts and charted for 4 weeks. This single sold 10,070 units in it’s first week and the most recent figures show that it has sold a total of 22,100 units.

love across the ocean is one of those typical songs I’ve come to like after a little while, because I used to be all into her new music and never gave her older material a chance, but I have to say Kuu did a pretty good job on this one. It’s a pretty funky song with a nice beat and I love the electric guitar riffs in the chorus and the little distorted guitar effects throughout the song. She even got her ‘Engrish’ right for this track, even though she hits an awkward note towards the end of the chorus.

the meaning of peace was originally a collaboration with BoA for 9/11, but apparently Kuu also recorded a solo version and crazy enough this is not the relaxed ballad version of the collaboration. They changed the song into a poppy dance track, but it actually works really well and there’s some really cool percussion in this version. Kumi can carry this song very well on her own, but I miss BoA.

I’m not all into the those altered and distorted dance remixes, but So Into You (Dub’s Electro Remix) sounds pretty cool I must say! The altered vocals didn’t sound bad at all, the beat is full and the synth accents fit very well too. They fit all the right Kuu vocal parts into the remix, now all I miss is a dubstep dance break (oh wait that’s a little too contemporary).

Kuu’s fifth single did better than her previous single in my opinion, and I think it’s because I didn’t like the song ‘So Into You’ all that much. Both love across the ocean and the meaning of peace are uptempo tracks, but they still differ a lot so this single did a good job by providing the fans with two new amazing uptempos. At this point, Kuu started to get better and better and this single just totally went with that flow.


4½ stars

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