After School (Happy Pledis) – Hazel Eyes

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After School – Hazel Eyes

2. Someone is you
3. LOVE LOVE LOVE (inst.)
4. Someone is you (inst.)

Hazel Eyes is the fourth Korean single by South-Korean girl group After School, released on December 7, 2010 under the group name Happy Pledis. Hazel Eyes was the first part of a special charity single series by Pledis Entertainment. The single does not feature member Bekah.

Soooo… it’s April and I’m listening to a Christmas single apparently XD
Anyway, if I just forget the time of year right now, LOVE LOVE LOVE is a really nice and happy song with a great December feel to it (bells, those typical piano notes…), it’s just really cute. The second verse, featuring parts by Nana, Raina, Juyeon and Jung-A along with Raina’s high and really long note near the end are the best parts. Damn this track is just so happy, can it be December right now? The weather sucks here anyway.

Someone is you has a more relaxed vibe and also a more mature attitude, especially when it comes right after LOVE LOVE LOVE. The girls all deliver a great vocal performance, and Raina ofcourse comes out with her adlibs and soft belting. The  big surprise was the male chorus singing ‘Jigeum cheoreom man, jigeum cheoreom man, haengbokeul jeonhae julge, just like you‘, the entire ambience just gave me goosebumps.

Despite being a Christmas single reviewed in April (what a timing), I really like this. Should I just call them Happy Pledis now? Alright, just this once. So Happy Pledis (ugh, too cute a name) should release a Christmas single like this every year (so I can actually enjoy it at the right time, but that’s my mistake x]). LOVE LOVE LOVE was such a happy track, it lifted my spirit so much, and then Someone is you is this beautiful ballad that balances the single and makes it less Christmas. Well, if you ask me this charity single better raised some really good money for that charity purpose.


5 stars


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