After School – Bang!

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After School – Bang!

1. Let’s Do It!
2. Bang!
3. With U
4. Bang! (Instrumental)

Bang! is the third single by South-Korean girl group After School, released on March 25, 2010. It’s the first single to feature fourth generation member Lizzy. The title tack reached #17 on the Gaon 2010 digital yearly charts with 2,374,731 copies sold.

The marching band concept already starts to come out with Let’s Do It!, which is a really cool introduction track. The girls actually practiced and trained for five months to manage their drum skills which they totally nailed, so can I just say I completely admire them right now? The brassy elements were pretty cool to, it leads effortlessly into the next track.

Bang! is my guilty pleasure and my all time After School favorite. It’s clear that they have so much more members than when they started out (from five to eight), and all the vocals in the chorus give the idea of a marching band indeed. The introduction by that random creepy guy was kinda out of place, but the rest of the song totally made up for that because it’s such a kickass track. I love love love it.

Ofcourse the single had to be balanced with a ballad track, which is With U. It’s an emotional one with just a piano in the first part and some beautiful vocals, after which the arrangement builds around it with soft percussions, electric guitar riffs and strings. I think this ballad is the prettiest After School has ever released, I totally love the melody and the heartfelt ambience it shows.

Bang! is probably After School’s most perfect single to date. A great introduction track, leading into a big catchy song with lots and lots of kickass vocals and percussion, topped off with a beautiful ballad. What more could I want? Well, how about more of this concept? I’m not typically into marching bands but this was so cool, especially since the girls all managed to provide the percussion themselves after some training. So anyone who says they’re not talented… fudge you.


5 stars


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