After School – Neo Ttaemune

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After School – Neo Ttaemune

1. No Ttaemune
2. When I Fall
3. Diva
4. No Ttaemune (Inst.)

No Ttaemune is the second single by Korean girl group After School, released on November 25, 2009.

No Ttaemune is a pretty song that seems like a ballad at first, but it builds into a kickass synthpop song. In my opinion the raps are a bit too aggressive for this track, especially in the first verse, so that doesn’t really fit. The chorus is the best part, I really like the vocals (especially Raina’s) and the vocoder effects weren’t bad either. I liked how the piano from the introduction kept playing throughout the song. Catchy track.

When I Fall is the ballad track for the single, and it’s more of a pop/R&B track with a slick beat in the background, only a few synth riffs and a great acoustic guitar vibe. I still can’t tell the girls apart, sorry for that but I’m not a really big fan or anything (I just really like their music), but the girls that sing the chorus have really smooth vocals. The lyrics are very pretty, I must say I like this song better than the previous one.

After School turns to cuter happy pop with Diva, which is quite nice but I don’t know, sometimes it’s a little too happy slappy. But if you’re in a really happy mood, you can really dig this track for sure. It’s a blazing synthpop track with a fast beat and a lot of altered vocals, and this time the raps fitted the song pretty well.

After School is a group that makes better music with every release, or at least never releases anything terrible. With No Ttaemune they actually outdid themselves (until Bang! shows up some time later), and although the first and last tracks each lacked something, none of the three tracks was bad. What they all have in common is an element that makes it memorable and they deserve some credit for that. Pretty nice single for a second one.


4½ stars

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