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1. 밤 하늘에

RED is After School’s sub-unit A.S. RED’s debut single, released on July 20, 2011. The single was released on the same date as, the other After School sub-unit A.S. BLUE’s debut single, “BLUE”. Both singles, promoted also at the same time, were released as the main group’s 4th single.

A.S. RED is supposed to be the sexy sub-unit, but it can’t really be heard from the music of 밤 하늘에. It has a smooth sunset vibe, a bit like Koda Kumi’s ‘IN THE AIR’, but it’s a nice uptempo track so that counts for something. Kahi has less parts so the other girls, Jung-A, U-ie and Nana get their chance to shine. It’s not the typical sexy song of the single, but it’s really uplifting.

HOLLYWOOD brings back sexy! But then again it features all eight After School members so it isn’t really A.S. RED’s. The track is filled with beats and heavy synth riffs, and it even has this really cool dance break. The lyrics are a bit cheesy (‘Hollywood, Hollywood, a movie star‘) and the song doesn’t really stand out that much, but I must admit it’s fierce as hell.

Even though 밤 하늘에 wasn’t the song you’d expect from a group that has been dubbed ‘sexy’, it was the best out of the two (and the only one from the A.S. RED girls). I liked the airy ambience, it reminded me of a sunset on the beach (yeah I have an amazing imagination I know). HOLLYWOOD isn’t bad either but it’s just too generic. Still, that doesn’t stop me from liking it quite a bit because it was pretty catchy to be honest. I would like to see more from A.S. RED in the future, but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen any time soon…


4 stars

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