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1. Wonder Boy (원더보이)
2. Lady

BLUE is After School’s sub-unit A.S. BLUE’s debut single, released on July 20, 2011. The single was released on the same date as, the other After School sub-unit A.S. RED’s debut single, “RED”. Both singles, promoted also at the same time, were released as the main group’s 4th single.

So it’s very clear A.S. BLUE features a more cute and fresh concept, Wonder Boy (원더보이) sounds like a really happy and cute track with bells and such. The chorus blowed me away, I was so glad they didn’t go overboard with the cuteness, and Raina really found her way into this song with her high-pitched vocals. Wow, I actually like this.

Lady is the ‘all member song’ on this single, and it instantly shows a more relaxed and mature side yet still very fresh. It’s more R&B than the poppy Wonder Boy (원더보이), and the synth riffs in this track are great. The percussion also features a nice bass sound, and not too loud either. I like their lines in the chorus ‘Imma, imma, I’m just a lady‘. Simple, but effective.

To be honest, I like A.S. BLUE’s single slightly better than A.S. RED’s. Maybe because the songs aren’t that polished, but it could also be because the first track really impressed me by not being overly cute and it also featured amazing vocals and belting (I admire that, really). Both songs were extremely catchy and feature elements and lines that can stay in your head for the rest of the day. I prefer blue over red (and not only the colors).


4½ stars


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