Namie Amuro – Chase the Chance

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Namie Amuro – Chase the Chance

1. Chase the Chance (ORIGINAL MIX)
2. Chase the Chance (TRIP CLUB MIX)
3. Chase the Chance (G. WRIGHT JUNGLE MIX)
4. Chase the Chance (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)

Chace the Chance is the second single by Japanese singer Namie Amuro, released on December 4, 1995. This single reached #1 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for 20 weeks. It sold 1,361,710 copies, becoming the #10 single of 1996.

The music for Chase the Chance (ORIGINAL MIX) is quite good, it features some nice constant synth riffs in the background and it has a very strong dance sound to it. Again I’m on the fence with Namie’s straining and bad pitches in the chorus. She actually saves herself this time by rapping two sections of the song, and although she reminds me of Ayu when doing this, she can actually pull it off. Catchy track.

Chase the Chance (TRIP CLUB MIX) has a less complex arrangement, even a bit simplistic if you ask me, but it works because Namie comes out stronger this time. Just like with the previous single, this version is actually better than the original. There’s still a lot of repetition in here, but it’s all in the vocal melody and not the music anymore this time.

Now a pretty interesting remix is Chase the Chance (G. WRIGHT JUNGLE MIX). Ofcourse it’s pretty tribal, but it’s also very basic and there’s a lot of vocal samples in this mix. Some of the don’t really make sense (like Namie’s fake adlib), and that’s why it’s a typical remix in which the song just doesn’t flow. Nothing really happens most of the time, there’s no big musical explosion or anything. Oh bother.

Chase the Chance was better thanBody Feels EXIT, but only slightly. The original song was more enjoyable and catchier, the first remis was again better than the actual version so that counts for something. Then the last remix is just too plain, nothing is going on at all so that’s a bit of a bore. I understand why this single did much better on the Oricon Charts but I still can’t say it’s my fav. Maybe it’ll grow on me.


3½ stars

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