Namie Amuro – You’re my sunshine

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Namie Amuro – You’re my sunshine

1. You’re my sunshine -STRAIGHT RUN-
2. You’re my sunshine -EDDIE DELENA DANCE MIX-
3. You’re my sunshine – TV MIX-

You’re my sunshine is the fourth single by Japanese singer Namie Amuro, released on June 5, 1996. The single reached #1 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for 12 weeks. It sold 1,098,520 copies, becoming the #13 single of 1996.

You’re my sunshine -STRAIGHT RUN- irritates the hell out of me from the start. It’s too dominant, Namie herself screams out her lyrics, and the tracks starts to make no sense to me anymore as soon as it speeds up and Namie continues to sing in a terrible pitch. I really like the music, it’s definitely not that, it’s Namie that just don’t want to take singing lessons. She has a pretty voice, but let’s just say it, she can’t sing very well at this time.

OK so let’s ditch the comments on the vocals from now on. You’re my sunshine -EDDY DELENA DANCE MIX- starts off pretty catchy and funky, I like those little electric guitar riffs in the first part of the song, but then the thing speeds up again. The rapper is completely out of place, even in this mix, but from here it finally makes sense why it’s called a DANCE MIX. It’s just too repetitive.

Damn, this single is terrible. Excuse me for being so straight forward about it but I totally disliked her vocals on this thing. The music deserves a little credit but generally this was so bad I can’t even.


1½ stars

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