Namie Amuro – Body Feels EXIT

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Namie Amuro – Body Feels EXIT

2. Body Feels EXIT (X-TENDED MIX)
3. Body Feels EXIT (FKB MIX)

Body Feels EXIT is the debut solo single by Japanese singer Namie Amuro, released on October 25, 1995. This single reached #3 on the weekly Oricon charts and sold 510,880 copies, becoming the #70 single of 1995. It also sold 370,760 copies in 1996, becoming the #83 single of that year. It charted for 19 weeks and sold a total of 881,640 copies.

Music fromt the time when I was a baby, how marvelous. Body Feels EXIT (ORIGINAL MIX) drops right in with a very heavy beat, almost a tribal one, and lots of synths and electric guitar riffs. The heavyness of the music tends to overpower Namie, who still sounds a bit fragile at this time. Her vocals got better through the years, but here she just isn’t strong enough. She’s pushing those notes, it’s not always very pleasant. I like the music, even though it’s a bit chaotic.

I feel Body Feels EXIT (X-TENDED MIX) should’ve been the original for it doesn’t just drop in like that, it has a little start-up with a nice piano melody and the arrangement that follows isn’t as chaotic as in the previous track. It’s a more polished, nostalgic and ‘real’ 90s version of the song. The song relies much more on the synth melodies in the background, and the new mix makes the song way more enjoyable if you ask me.

Body Feels EXIT (FKB MIX) features more instrumental parts than the other two versions on this single, at almost 7 minutes in length. The thing I noticed right away are the totally out of place overflow of male background vocals that just didn’t fit Namie’s vocals at all. I’m getting more used to her ‘early career vocals’ now do they don’t bother me as much anymore, and the music is pretty nice and danceable, but it just features a lot of repetition.

I have my doubts on Body Feels EXIT, it’s not really bad but not that good either. The original was way too chaotic, it already starts all over the place, and the two remixes sounded very alike but were actually both better than the original. Crazy huh? Well, the best out of the bunch was the X-TENDED MIX, especially because of its laid back start-up with the piano and it didn’t feature the irritating background vocals of the FKB MIX. Let’s see where Namie’s going from here…


3 stars


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