BoA – Jumping into the World

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BoA – Jumping into the World

1. Don’t start now
4. Love letter
5. Love hurts
7. Let U go
8. Don’t start now (English version)
9. ID; Peace B
10. SARA (English version)
11. Dreams come true
12. I’m sorry (비밀일기) (Chinese version)
13. ID; Peace B (Chinese version)
14. Sara (사라) (Chinese version)

♦ ♦ ♦

Jumping into the World is the first special Korean album (or 1.5 album) by South-Korean singer BoA, released on January 1, 2001. It contains some new songs and the English and Chinese versions of the hit songs from her first album, ID; Peace B.

Don’t start now is the first track and it’s already an improvement from her musical style on ID; Peace B. This track features a really catchy percussion arrangement, but the strings and sort of harpsichord-ish instrument make this song most interesting, especially since they’re mixed up with the bass and even a little guitar chord every now and then. I like how BoA incorporates English lyrics in the song ‘Don’t start now, the feelings come and go‘. An amazing opening track.

Then what the heck is AGAIN… Damn, could this be perfection? BoA starts the song with some pretty high notes, and the way they layered her vocals in the verse that follows sounds great. The arrangement sounds promising, and I think it’s almost like a dream song. Obviously a ballad, but with a little twist to it thanks to the percussion rhythm. Her previous album featured some random rap sections, but never one with BoA herself! Interesting, that’s for sure.

DESTINY features an amazing beat for one thing, and then BoA comes in with a scream which was almost hilarious. Still the song that follows is a pretty nice one. It’s generic, true, and it sounds like something she could’ve released on her previous album, but then a little more polished. And what is it with BoA and random rappers…? Well, that was a little out of place but the song was enjoyable.

Love letter has to be a ballad ofcourse, and although it’s not her best I think it’s still features a really nice chorus melody. The verses are a bit plain, and so is the arrangement at some points, but BoA’s vocals are flawless and very solid to say the least.

At first I thought Love hurts was gonna be another ballad of some kind, also because of its similar title to the previous track, but instead it’s a watered down version of Don’t start now. The music sounds so familiar to some of her other songs, it features another rap section, it’s not original anymore and therefore quite forgettable.

Oh. My. God. Finally. POWER is different from all the other songs and it definitely lives up to its name. ‘2001, bring it to you POWER‘. A random line by a random guy but it sets the powerful mood for the song, accompanied by some great electric guitar riffs to fit the profile. BoA sings with a great sense of strength as well, so everything in this song feels right. I really loved the electric guitar solo in the background during the second chorus and bridge. Yeah BoA, I feel your power.

Let U go is a standard pop song again then, but it has some major differences when compared to other songs. Although it features the same musical patterns and has the same arrangement (and the same old rap section again), I like the vocal harmony in the chorus and the way the background vocals build around BoA’s.

I’m gonna treat the English and Chinese songs all in the same section because they’re not original tracks, so we all know them already. BoA’s English isn’t very good, but at least she’s not half-assing her way through like Koda Kumi. Don’t start now (English version) already featured some English lyrics in the original, now the lyrics build around it let everything make sense. ID; Peace B actually sounds better than the original, although I can’t always make up what’s she’s singing. It’s a shame SARA (English version) sounds so fake, the English lyrics don’t really work on this song.

A weird spot on the tracklist for Dreams come true, but I guess it’ll work eventually? The beat is a bit quircky, and in my opinion the entire song is a bit random when placed after the English songs. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad song, I just think It would’ve made a little more sense to me if it was earlier on the album. I like the funky style though.

It’s nice to see BoA picked I’m sorry (비밀일기) from her previous album to be sung in Chinese for this album, and I must say she sounds really cute when doing so, especially with ID; Peace B (Chinese version). And since I’ve come to love the original, I thought Sara (사라) (Chinese version) was really cool. This time the lyrics and feel actually fit the song.

In only a couple of months, the at the time fourteen-year-old BoA made a heck of a progress. Her debut album had some flaws, but this special album was actually pretty amazing! Most of her new songs featured the same style as the ones on ID; Peace B, but she took it to the next level and added much more flair to them and they’re definitely more polished and better produced. Very nice to actually see some of her older songs on this album as well, and to see BoA’s versatility. Which other artists can sing in four languages (three at this time)? Not many. So I love BoA for releasing this album that early in her career.

Favorite songs: Don’t start now | AGAIN | POWER | Don’t start now (English version) | ID; Peace B (Chinese version) | Sara (사라)  (Chinese version)


4 stars

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