Kyarypamyupamyu – もしもし原宿

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Kyarypamyupamyu – もしもし原宿

1. きゃりーのMarch
2. Cherry Bonbon
4. ちょうどいいの
5. ピンポンがなんない
6. jelly
7.PONPONPON (Extended Mix)

♦ ♦ ♦

もしもし原宿 is the debut mini-album by Japanese singer Kyarypamyupamyu, released on August 17, 2011. PONPONPON was released as a digital single on July 20, 2011. jelly was released as the mini-album’s second advance digital single on August 3, 2011; it is a cover of the song jelly by capsule. The mini-album ranked at #18 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 21,194 copies.

Let’s check this crazy chick out alright. きゃりーのMarch is kind of an introduction to the album, and oh my god her vocals are pitchy x]  It’s a very happy slappy electronic introduction (Nyan Cat!!) and it makes me laugh so heard, really. It reminds me of Ai Otsuka’s bunny alter ego!

Cherry Bonbon features the same happycore sound so you definitely have to be in the mood for her music. I do have to say, Kyary’s vocals are pitchy but cute, I prefer this over Ai Otsuka anytime. I’m a bit on the fence with her pronunciation (‘jelly bonbon‘), but this is actually very enjoyable o.O  There’s a lot of repetition in the song, but the track features some catchy synth arrangements that I really like.

So the greatest hype was PONPONPON, and I had my first encounter with it a couple of months ago when a friend of mine sent me the PV. It totally cracked me up! Anyway, now without the PV, it really sounds like something that can keep playing on your head not for an entire day but an entire MONTH. Again some very catchy synth arrangement and a really happycore beat, but damn this is cheerful. PONPONPONPONPONPON…….

I really like the influence of the guitar in ちょうどいいの, it’s finally something different in the electronic music genre this album constantly gives. Nakata created some very catchy melodies for Kyary on this album, they managed to do it again. There’s a lot of repetition in this track, but that’s also what makes it so catchy. Damn this album, really, I will be thinking about this for like forever xD

When ピンポンがなんない comes along I’ve come to the conclusion all songs sound a bit alike, although I think Kyary’s vocals are a little bit better here and  not too pitchy. Musically, it features a more mature sound and not so happycore as the rest of the songs on this mini-album so that’s a plus. Great beats and synths combination, but it tends to drag big time.

The more mature sound also comes back in jelly, a cover of the capsule song. It’s much less synths this time and more piano, so it’s a bit more on the laid back side especially in the verses. Ofcourse they tweaked it a bit to fit Kyary’s style, but I think they succeeded very well with this.The piano-beats combination actually brought a little diversity to this album.

OH HELL NO six minutes of ‘PON PON way way way, PON PON way PON way PON PON’. PONPONPON (Extended Mix) is a bit pointless, it will only leave me singing that single line for the rest of the month. The extended part is just an instrumental part with some beats and heavy synths and that constant repetition. I curse this song for being so darn catchy and cute.

Kyary deserves some credit for releasing some really catchy songs, but I’ll have to warn you: you’ll probably have to be in a very happycore mood to actually like this. If you’re not, it will eventually make you a little more cheerful after it first annoys the hell out of you. So basically… PON PON way way way, PON PON way PON way PON PON…!

Favorite tracks: PONPONPON (Extended Mix)


2½ stars


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